Friday Night Fights: Williams/White

ESPN’s Friday Night Fights is based tonight at the Little Creek Casino Resort in Shelton WA. The headliner is a title event.

Thomas Williams Jr, vs Cornelius White, 10 rounds, light heavyweights, for the vacant WBO and NABO titles.
I swear I never heard of the NABO but apparently it’s a regional rep for the WBO.

Both fighters got the opportunity for this belt after Eleider Alvarez’s 4th successful defense. WBO’s info has it tha tSergey Kovalev is the champion, and Alvarez is back to #2. No I haven’t figured it out yet.

Thomas Williams is 15-0-0, 10 by KO. First fight in the Pacific Northwest. It’s also his 2nd fight at 10 rounds. Further it’s his very first title fight. His prior fight was a decision win,
Prior to his last 2 decision fights, he had a string of 6 KO wins.
BoxRec ranks the southpaw as the #6 fighter of his class in the US, #23 worldwide.
Now a look at his cycles:

Not good. All cycles downward, plus feeling the effect of the physical cycle means he’s likely to be cut and not be very motivated to go 10 rounds.
Cornelius White is BoxRec’s #5 light heavyweight. Da Beast, based in Houston comes in with a record of 21-2-0, 16 wins and both losses by KO. It’s just 4th fight at 10 rounds plus, and comes out of a TKO loss to champion Sergey Kovalev, an IBF title eliminator
Williams is the 2nd straight opponent for White coming in undefeated.

Cornelius’s cycles are better but not by much, as he’s fairly weak physically but does have a fair amount of heart. His punching power should be fine. He’s not going to make his share of correct decisions on punches.
Could be a fairly ugly yet physical contest. I see this as White winning with a late KO.

Friday Night Fights analysis 8/16/13 analysis

Boxing at US Cellular Field will be a first tonight. The stadium, home to the Chicago White Sox, is just west to the site of the former Comiskey Park (and USCF’s old namesake). On this hallowed ground, boxing takes precedence and the bouts are very good ones on paper.

Artur Szpilka vs Mike Mollo, 10 rounds, heavyweights. This is a rematch, the first bout held on February 1, with Szpilka scoring 3 knockdowns, and the KO in the 6th of 8 scheduled rounds.
Artur is 15-0-0, 11 KOs. The greater majority of his knockouts have come in the first 1/3 of bouts. He’s ranked 24th among all heavyweights, and #3 in his native Poland. Only 5 fights outside of Poland, he’s KO’d each opponent in the US
Terrible cycles for “The Pin”, terrible for any boxer, getting close to a triple-low. Potential for success is quite low, tho he might have his opponent miss a few times.

As for Mollo, who hails from nearby Oak Lawn, he’s 20-4-1, 12 KO’s. 1-3-1 in his last 5. Last KO win was in 2007.
Mollo has the opposite cycles, approaching a triple-high, and all should be right with the world.

Mollo should be able to pull out a late-fight KO.

Andrzej Fonfara vs Gabriel Campillo, 12 rounds, light heavyweights.
Andrzej is 23-2-0, 13 wins by KOs. Ranked #9 worldwide in his class, #1 in Poland. Residing in Chicago, the great majority of his recent fights have taken place in the nearby UIC Pavilion. Outside of one no contest, he’s got 10 straight wins, 9 by KOs. All of his KOs have come early or midway through a fight, the slight majority in the middle.
Great cycles in play today, tho physical might be feeling a bit more sluggish. Shouldn’t have much of an issue tonight.
Campillo is 22-5-1, 9 KO wins. #27 worldwide in his class, best of those in Spain.
“Chico Guapo” is 1-2-1 in his last 4 fights.
Has lost all 3 of his US fights. Great majority of his KOs come in the middle stages.
Mixed bag here, also good physically and feels rather passionate, but is prone to making more mental errors tonight.
Fonfara by decision. 

Top boxing matches for this weekend in biorhythms

Headline bout for ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights is a pair of lightweights going 10 rounds in Shelton WA: 
Andrey Klimov (15-0-0, 8 KOs)  vs John Molina (25-2-0, 20 KOs)

Here are Klimov’s cycles: 

For a boxer, these cycles are actually pretty good. Nothing but fierce power coming from Andrey’s gloves here.  He’ll connect but he’s quite prone to missing a lot of punches.  It’s all about having a one-track mind here. 

Molina’s cycles: 

Tougher cycles for Molina, coming out of a triple low and tough physical/emotional critical period, the after-effects of which may still be in effect this evening. Combined with a low point in his mental cycle, I can’t see him lasting for long. 
Late KO (rounds 7-10) from Klimov.

Saturday’s best fight (per the folks at BoxRec) is in Carson CA: 
Marcos Rene Maidana(33-3-0, 30 KOs), vs Josesito Lopez (30-5-0, 18 KOs), 12 rounds, for Marcos’s WBC InterContinental welterweight belt. 

Here are Josesito’s cycles: 

Couldn’t sign a worse date to go boxing on.  Triple-low cycles tell the story. 

As for the champion: 

Cycles are not much better; he’s starting to come around again and get his bearings, but an uphill battle all the way. 

As much as the ranking appears to be for this fight, I’m predicting a snoozefest.  Maidana to retain the title by split decision. 

Stats from BoxRec

Friday Night Fights in biorhythms

2 fights in the spotlight for Friday Night Fights, and one title fight tomorrow night.

Tonight, Uncasville CT: Delvin Rodriguez vs Freddy Hernandez, junior middleweights, going 10 rounds.
Rodriguez: (27-6-3, 15 KO) (5-4-80)

Decent cycles at best..starting to feel more comfortable with being in the ring, but sluggish physically and mentally, having to rely on heart.

Hernandez: (30-4-0, 20 KO) (3-23-79)

Very weak physically, the passion is not there but he will land his share of weak punches.
 SIding here with the boxer with a growing physical cycle, negative as it is, in a slow, plodding fight. Rodriguez by decision.

Issouf Kinda vs Chris Howard, junior welterweights, also 10 rounds.
Kinda (16-0-0, 6 KO) (2-9-88)

Not good at all. Triple low cycles tell the story.

Howard: (15-2-1, 7 KO) (2-9-89)

Two triple low cycles!
Another fight that promises to be sloppy, slow. 
Kinda by decision, as at least his emotional/mental cycles are starting to upturn.

5/25, London: Mikkel Kessler vs Carl Froch, 12 rounds, in a unification bout for the WBA and IBF middleweight titles.

Froch: (30-2-0, 22 KO) (7-2-77)

Good cycles for Froch on Saturday, but the mental fog will be prevalent, making a ton of errors, and will miss punches.  He’ll be well aware of the crowd and could do well with that support.

Kessler: (46-2-0, 35 KO) (3-1-79)

Kessler comes in with a triple low.

Froch by decision.

Stats from

Friday Night Fights analysis 5/10/13

2 10-round bouts scheduled to air tonight…here’s how I see them via biorhythms:

Vernon Paris vs. Manuel Perez, 10 rounds, junior welterweights

Paris: 27-1-0, 16 KOs (1-5-88):

Ugly cycles here…physical critical day and staring at the cliff of a triple low..he won’t last long at all.

Perez: 19-8-1, 4 KOs (5-28-84):

Well..not that much better for Perez, with hardly any spring to his step. He might land more punches but not very good scoring ones.
Neither fighter are really into the fight tonight and this could be a real snoozefest.
Perez by decision.

Cornelius Lock vs. Lonnie Smith, 10 rounds

Lock: 20-6-1, 13 KOs (12-12-78):

Good punching power tonight but will make a number of errors, probably more than normal.  He’s all about his power and little else.

Smith: 14-4-3, 10 KOs (3-3-87):

Uh-oh…in the midst of a triple low here.  Expect nothing of worth from Smith in this bout.
This bout  will be sloppy, really dominated tho by Lock’s power.
TKO for Lock middle to late rounds.

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For this show I did recap of last week’s sport events that I tracked from the previous show. Also…these:

Golf: Predictions re this weekend’s PLAYERS Championship.
Auto racing: Analysis of this weekend’s racing at Darlington Speedway (Nationwide & NASCAR Sprint Cup)
Boxing: Friday Night Fights analysis for 2 bouts tonight.

Final word on all predictions and analysis at the blog:

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Running time: 53 minutes.

Boxing analysis for 5/2/13 via biorhythms

There are five (5) very good boxing matches coming up between Thursday and Saturday. Today I’ll preview two of them that are appearing on a Thursday edition of Friday Night Fights, ESPN2 with coverage.
Saturday night has 3 humongous title fights, but I’ll save my strength for early Saturday morning in posting my cycle analysis.

Tonight’s fights are in Corona, CA
Mauricio Herrera 1(8-3-0, 17 KOs) vs. Ji-Hoon Kim, 10 rounds, junior welterweights (24-8-0, 18 KOs)
Here’s Mauricio’s cycles

Mauricio will be fine for brute punching power but he’s also going to miss a fair amount of the time, and not really be attuned to his corner or the crowd very much.  Not a good time for decision-making.

Approaching a run of critical days where he’s just not going to feel like himself. Already weakening in punching power, despite a growing wisdom in the ring, he’s likely to be predictable, and will be easy prey for the upward physical cycle and force of Herrera’s punches.
Early round KO for Herrera (rounds 1-3)


Miguel Acosta (29-6-2, 23 KOs) vs. Miguel Gonzalez 20-3-0 (15 KOs), 10 rounds, lightweights;

‘Aquacerito’ is fighting on an emotional critical day…very much out of sorts with his environment, not going to respond well to referee or people around him…and prone to making a ton of errors.  His punching power will guide him and there’s no question of his passion, but  not quite at the level of his best potential performance.


Tougher cycles for the man they call “Silky Smooth”. Not so silky today as all three cycles are heading downward. Ability is mediocre at best,  His own level of passion is quite low, evidenced by the weakness physically and emotionally.

Middle round TKO for Acosta (rounds 4-7)