Weekend boxing action analysis via biorhythms

The 2 major fights on the card at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino in Verona NY on 3/29 are these:

Brian Vera (22-6-0, 13 KOs) vs Donatas Bondorovas (17-3-1, 6 KOs)  12 rounds, middleweights.
Here are Vera’s cycles:

Poor decision-making on Vera’s part will keep him from cashing in on his punching power, which is at its peak.  Cycles seem about average tho in good athletic shape and improving.

Now for Bondorovas:

Triple high with the physical cycle being the guiding force. Excellent cycles for a boxing match. He seems very strong, will make some pretty good decisions on when to strike and when to hold back.
Middle-round KO for Bondorovas

Undercard bout is Jackson Junior Dos Santos vs. Umbertos Savigne,
10 rounds, light heavyweights.
Dos Santos: (14-0-0, 12 KOs)

Just days before a triple critical period, his cycles are hurdling toward mediocrity.  Brainpower will not nearly be as strong as in prior days.  Physically is plodding along but slowly getting better.

Savigne: (10-1-0, 7 KOs)

Triple low cycles tell the story.  Might show improvement in landing punches but lacks power.

Ugly fight to be sure, yet  Junior should win this via decision.

Bonus Saturday title fight analyis..
3/30, Las Vegas: Brandon Rios vs Mike Alvarado, 12 rounds, for the vacant WBO interim junior welterweight title:

Rios: (31-0-1, 23 KOs)

Average cycles for Rios, tho appears to be in generally physical makeup. Problem is, the fight falls upon a physical critical day, and he’s just not going to know his own strength, and is likely to bleed more than normal. He will be fighting with a lot of heart.

Alvarado: (33-1-0, 23 KOs)

Difficult cycles with hardly any power, hardly any focus. He too will be fighting with adrenalin, might do better decision-wise.

Tough fight to call, but I do see it as Rios winning via late-round TKO.

Echo Arena, Liverpool England:  Tony Bellew vs. Isaac Chilemba, 12 rounds, WBC light heavyweight eliminator:

Bellew: (19-1-0, 12 KOs)

All low cycles and falling. Can’t be in any worse shape.

Chilemba: (20-1-1, 9 KOs)

Decent cycles at best, weak power, but much better in decision making,

May be a boring, sloppy fight, with Chilemba winning via decision.

biorhythmic analysis of tonight’s Friday Night Fights

Won’t be home for the event but I will give you my biorhythmic take on the 2 leading bouts on the card.
Victor Manuel Cayo (31-3-0, 22 KOs) vs. Emmanuel Taylor (16-1-0, 11 KOs), 10 rounds, welterweights.

First are Victor’s cycles:

This looks tricky. Victor’s on the sharp downswing physically, and might already experience a critical phase, as he won’t feel any command of his overall strength and likely be cut easily.  But he will land most of the punches he throws. Brain power at peak.

As for Taylor:

What can I say? Can’t like a boxer whose cycles are all down or pointing down.

Early KO (rounds 1-3) for Cayo.


Magomed Abdusalamov (16-0-0, 16 KOs…yes, that’s right) vs Victor Bisbal (21-1-0, 15 KOs), 10 rounds, for Mago’s WBC (USNBC) heavyweight title.

Here are Mago’s cycles tonight:

Entering triple-low in a few days, weaking physical strength, already making poor decisions daily, and this will continue in the ring.  Not going to win vs a tactital type of boxer but might hold his own against a real puncher.

Here’s Bisbal:

Bisbal is in critical physical phase, not really knowing his strength but the confidence will be there in spades,and this is the major difference. He will also, tho, miss a good deal of punches.

Bisbal wins by decision.

Friday Night Fights (IBF, NABF title bouts in biorhythms)

I won’t be around to see these fights on ESPN2 but both appear to be pretty good ones. 

10 rounds, NABF light middleweight title: Wilie Nelson (19-1-1, 11 KOs) v. Michael Medina (26-3-2, 19 KO)

Here’s Nelson’s cycles first: 

He’s certainly at his nadir in terms of power, relying on heart and intagibles. He will definitely land his share of punches but they won’t impact much.  

Here’s Medina’s cycles:

Mixed bag of responses here.  He has decidedly more punching power and strength is strongly on upswing.  Decision making will be at a low tho. 

We have here 2 boxers of opposing strength as well as brainpower.  Ultimately I go with the strength. Late KO for Nelson. 

Billy Dib (35-1-0, 21 KO) v. Evgeny Gradovich (15-0-0, 8 KO), 12 rounds for Dib’s IBF featherweight title.
First the challenger, Gradovich: 

1 days removed from a double-critical day affecting thought and feeling, he remains under those influences. The passion just isn’t there and he’ll wonder why. Punching power starting to come back but its an uphill battle.  
And here’s Billy “The Kid”:

This is more like it. Billy’s ‘passion’ cycle is thoroughly opposite of his opponent, and will see this fight through, no matter what.  Peak power, peak emotional level should make this a relatively short title fight. 
Early KO (1-4 rounds) for Billy Dib

Peterson-Holt title fight in biorhythms

I won’t be around to see the entire card but here’s a look at the main event. This is for Lamont Peterson’s IBF junior lightweight title, 12 rounds, Washington DC

First the challenger, Kendall Holt (28-5-0,16 KO):

Not good cycles here. He doesn’t appear motivated or willing to see a long fight through. He’ll land his punches but he’ll be especially weak. 

Now for Peterson (30-1-1, 15 KO)

These cycles aren’t so great either but, fighting in his birthplace of DC, he’ll have strong show of support from the crowd.  

Both fighters are coming in with below average cycles, but Peterson’s high emo cycle should be the determining factor and is starting to gain strength. Could be a sloppy fight. 
Peterson to retain belt, winning by decision. 

tonight’s Friday Night Fights card in biorhythms

Delvin Rodriguez (26-6-3, 14KO) vs.George Tahdooahnippah  (31-0-1, 23KO), 10 rounds, middleweights;

Delvin’s cycles first:

From www.facade.com

Uh-oh! Cycles are at their absolute worst for him.

Now for, George (no, I can’t figure the pronounciation either):
From www.facade.com

Truly a tale of two boxers. One will quit, the other will perservere.
Middle-round (5th) KO for George.

Bayan Jargal (17-3-3, 11KO) vs. Chris Howard (14-2-1, 6KO), 10 rounds, lightweights;

Bayan’s cycles first:
From www.facade.com

3 days out of a triple low, still under influence of emotional critical day, will feel rather sensitive to the crowd, but will make his share of missed punches. He will be motivated to keep in the fight throughout tho. Very good cycles today.

And here’s Chris:
From www.facade.com
Similar cycles tho Chris’ passion rating is just past peak and actually stronger.
Good competitive match tho it will be a rather sloppy affair. Lots of missed punches but both have enough heart to continue.
Decision for Howard.

Friday Night Fights predictions via biorhythms

Not sure which fights are being shown outside of the headliner but here’s what I got in terms of predictions for tonight’s card, seen on ESPN2 and ESPNDeportes:

Heavyweights, 6 rounds:
Didier Bence (6-0-0, 2 KO):
From www.facade.com
Tough one for Bence as he is absolutely weak tonight. Also he’ll feel pretty distracted by his home crowd. He’ll land his share of punches but they won’t have power. Small likelihood he will give up during this fight.

Joey Dawejko (7-1-2, 3KO):
From www.facade.com
LIke Didier, he’s pretty weak himself but on the rebound. Problem is, his other cycles are about its nadir to. As weak as one could be.
Bence KOs in 5.
LIghtweights, 6 rounds:
Michael Gadbois (8-0-0, 3KO)
From www.facade.com
Pretty good cycles here for Michael. Brainpower is at his peak and he won’t miss much. Crowd will be well behind him.  But the punches he throws will have minimal damage.

Krzysztof Rogowski (5-0-0, 2KO)
From www.facade.com

Mediocre yet volatile cycles for Rogowski. Just out of a semi-low period and getting into a semi-high. He’ll have a little life in his punches for sure and will land his share.
Very tough to call; both fighters not at their best, and yet one is gaining, the other weakening at about the same strength.
Decision for Rogowski.
Lightweights, 10 rounds:
Tyler Asselstine (12-0-0, 7KO)
From www.facade.com

All cycles positive for now but barely, as Tyler is likely to have a tough time punching…he’s gonna bleed a fair amount, not really knowing his strength. Otherwise he looks solid.

Baha Laham
From www.facade.com

Well how about this? Can’t get any better, with all 3 cycles strong and strengthening. Should be an excellent fight.
Decision for Laham.

Headliner: Welterweights, 12 rounds:
Kevin Bizier (19-0-0, 13KO)
From www.facade.com
Cycles are somewhat troubling as they are all pointed downward, and approaching a physical critical day himself (see Asselstine above).  Still strong athletic ability but not nearly at his peak.

Nate Campbell (36-9-1, 26KO)
From www.facade.com

Firm mismatch here, as Campbell has ideal cycles to win, growing power in his punches.

Campbell, early knockout (around 4th round)

Enjoy the action!

Random sports thoughts 2/3/13

Survived a headache today. I know. Like you care.
I appear to have lost access to ESPN and ESPN2 after about 6 weeks since the discovery that I could actually watch those channels on my computer. Then again, it might have been a promo phase by Comcast, to entice me to pay $30 a month for it. I do have TV access via Comcast but only choose to watch those channels.I don’t bother with the other channels or TV shows or movies.

Thankfully I do have access to WatchESPN via the free ESPN account and can watch ESPN3 programming. So, no time lost watching cricket, or local basketball or other sports the bigger channels don’t carry. Right now there is the ICC Women’s World Cup on complete with loud feminine shrieks. “And drinks are being called.” Funny you don’t see such a break in other sports.
Also with cricket: I want to study the sport as I do with baseball, knowing who are all-rounders, who are batters and bowler specialists as I can do just by plugging in a series of stats in baseball. I’m still a neophyte to the game but I’m learning slowly.

As reported prior I didn’t go through with my horse racing handicapping. But, on a lark, I picked out a select number of variables without bias and played on paper the 3 big prep races. I simply selected leading horses in any of 8 categories plus a few condition based ones (strong positive ROI, pace bounces and ‘explosive’ horses, along with those who gained in stretch last time out, among others) Hit the exacta on 2 of them plus a straight win bet. I had lost my notebook which contained enough of my prior notes, some of which contained lowering expectations and profits. I’m happy for the reboot. I will add some more variables and draw upon last year’s Kentucky Derby future wager notes which I posted last year in the Tumblr blog. All those notes have been imported right here.

Super Bowl notes are ahead while I do some cleaning and some researching on other matters.

For you pop-astrology (non-serious) fans, here’s tiny insight from a renowned astrologer into how the stars will determine the Big Game outcome. Frankly I’ll stick with my own research.

Not a fan of Yahoo!Sports website as I am with ESPN because Yahoo! pages continually update and reload, using up valuable resources. ESPN pages thankfully remain static in comparison.