Corrientes @ Spike Hill, NYC
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It’s been an insanely fun week in the area of photo/audio. I saw Marina V and Natalie Gelman perform at Bitter End. Natalie I had last met at PodCamp in Brooklyn. Marina V is a Cyber PR client who’s busy touring. Marina has a marvelous welcoming personality and has devoted her life’s work to music.
The Defibulators I had not seen since their amazing gig a year ago at the now-closed Baggot Inn.  The whole band was there except for a drummer (noise regulations abound I suppose) They played at Zuccotti Park, which New Yorkers will recognize as Liberty Park Plaza, a short walk from the WTC site.The band had some free CDs and was also selling other stuff such as tshirts and coloring books. I captured their lunchtime gig in photo form, and the pics look stellar if I do say so myself.     Then it was off to see the almighty Anais Mitchell, songwriter with a ton of indie cred, performing with producer Michael Chorney.  She drew mostly from her latest CD “the brightness”, playing to a full house at Rockwood Music Hall.
Next night I saw Red Cavalry again, band formerly known as Masters Of The Lunaverse, new drummer in tow.  I did photo and audio of that one as well. It was my first time in the downstairs locale of National Underground, a miniature version of the Old Office at the Knitting Factory to my eyes. Also on the bill was Duck & Swallow..project by Lillie Jayne, solo on keys and effects.
Last night was at Spike Hill, at the nexus of Bedford/North 7 in Brooklyn, enjoying the sounds of Corrientes.  I hadn’t seen the band before but I had spun all of their music.  I had planned in advance to record and shoot pics of the gig, and it looks like it was meant to be. They planned to record but didn’t have all the necessary equip to do so.  Plus they don’t have any live gig pics, so I was up to the challenge. 
All pics are now up at my various Facebook albums. Easiest way is to find ‘dan herman’ at Facebook.

itinerary for the week

show-going, that is….
7/9: Red Cavalry @ National Underground….i might even record their gig.
7/10: Corrientes @ Spike Hill, Brooklyn.
& earlier in the day…. The great band with some of the best stage names around….the Defibulators, @ Zuccotti Park, somewhere amidst the canyons of Wall Street