Idealistic Stats Podcasts

I’ve recently revived my podcast series, recording one during Kentucky Derby week.
You can hear this program at

New podcast episode coming on 5/16/18 with a Preakness/Black-Eyed Susans preview highlighted.


1 Every edition is available for a few weeks at Podomatic
Podomatic houses the RSS feed as well.
2 All shows are permanently displayed at the Internet Archive. Go to the playlist pages for each show in the blog to find the exact URL.  You have options to download/stream/share all shows in full.

Each weekend, I give you the audio version of this website. Analysis of the week’s sporting events are provided, along with music from top indie/emerging artists.   Sports in focus are:
PGA Tour
Top stakes races on Saturday in horse racing

Anything else that I’m working on (recent thoughts have included the sports dynasty project and greatest baseball games list)

All shows are available at (look for individual posts with specific URLs), and at

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