I’m a lifelong sports enthusiast. I chose the title Idealist after musing on the results of a personality quiz I took, borrowing from the classic Myers-Briggs test. The result was INFP, which is subtitled Idealist.  I like taking things from a very outside point of view, often as the visionary, seeing things as they can be at its fullest expression. I do my best not to get too caught up in dualism, the right/wrong, black/white.   We can all learn to get along by knowing that the coin really has one and the same side. It’s all about polarity.   For example, one of my favorite stats is borrowed from the almighty Bill James, redefining the player that uses a certain amount of offensive ability.

I have exported my posts from the older blog I had on Tumblr so you’d have a window as to what you’ll come to expect.

The sports I focus on in this blog are
HORSES: Mostly horse racing, and mainly focusing on what’s called the Enlightened Derby/Oaks Trails, my take on the actual Kentucky Derby/Oaks trails. In this, I argue for a more diverse trail including the smaller tracks, and a better point system.   These trails something I plan to cover with an armchair view along with travel to some of these events.
Outside of these, I focus on the major races and cards of the year, and at times I’ll post my predictions and analysis.

MOTORSPORT: I study past history of races in Formula 1, IndyCar, and NASCAR (for the majority) to give you my predictions on who will contend and win the particular events.

TENNIS: I find this sport a wonderful to analyze by, though I save my strength only for the finals for men and women, and usually if it’s anyone but the Big Four fighting amongst themselves.

BOXING also lends itself to analysis. I like studying the top fights once in a while as outlined by a few major websites.

GOLF I track top players in using a combo of a few stats and often declare which players I believe will do best in the official and top events on the men’s tours.

BASEBALL is my first love, and horses are 1a in the coupled entry of sports I both like to follow and analyze.   I have an annual study generated from an original formula that measures contact and power in batters, and same allowed by pitchers.  A good starting point is to find the keynote historical sample in the posts.  I am also now on a project involving true classic games and how to spot one.

Every weekend I release a podcast with predictions and analysis.Check it out at idealisticstats.podomatic.com

Contact at dan@radiocrystalblue.net
Twitter: @idealisticstats

I intend to purchase some tools that will allow the blog to be updated more frequently and also remotely (I’m tethered at home). I’m based in Tacoma, WA. Ideally (no surprise), I’d travel to attend live events and journal the experience.

Donations to the cause, which go to upkeep of this blog plus my overall expenses in staying afloat to have a blog in the first place can be sent via PayPal.


Creative Commons License
Idealistic Stats by Dan Herman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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