Enlightened Derby Trail 2019-2020 first look

Having completed a move from WA to non-DAW TX, I’ve found the time to post and link the first draft of the next EDT season.
Here’s how the spreadsheet looks:
Retama Park and Sweetwater Downs are off; the rest remain on the calendar as compared to last year’s 2YO season. The 3YO season remains intact, laying in wait until the individual tracks make their announcements. I source these details from the Bloodhorse Stakes Calendar page.
Belmont Stakes was a huge success, as I picked the trifecta box of Sir Winston, Tacitus and Joevia.  Keeping finances at a minimum, I did not play any races this day, but it would have been a nice payout of $22.40 for the win, and $1244 for the trifecta.

As DAWs are not allowed in TX, I have virtually nowhere to wager online in the state. I’d have to visit Lone Star Park, I suppose.  Outside of that, there’s the DerbyWars website, which is more head-to-head, and does involve $ in tournaments.   Sure wish legislation in TX would change their minds.   One bill was introduced to get wagering going again:

There’s one website I miss that allowed people to compete for glory, giving out points for the best mutuel picks. It folded a few years ago. Anyone remember?

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