2019 NCAA tournament bracket analysis and picks

Similar to bracket analyses here from the past, I use a similar method for figuring out who will win out. I have 3 brackets, with teams chosen using grouped variables. A fourth is used to set a consensus.

Bracket 1 involves school and coach’s record in the tourney, and # of upperclassmen that ever suited up for a game this season.


Upsets: Florida, Oklahoma, Ohio State

Bracket 2 takes into account the Sagarin ratings (record vs top 25), strength of schedule vs better non-conference teams, and closer locale for the team involved (unless both must travel a long distance)


Upsets: Minnesota, Vermont, Gardner-Webb, UC Irvine,

Bracket 3 involves stats from teamrankings.com: Offensive and defensive effectiveness, % differential between 2PT and 3PT shooting, and TO per possession.


Upsets: Belmont, Old Dominion.
Here’s how the consensus bracket turned out:


No real upsets within the Sweet Sixteen. Lowest seeds getting through include Villanova, Marquette and Maryland.

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