Post-mortem of last weekend’s races and Future Wager thoughts (and a rant)

An opinion (rant) before we begin..
I’m feeling miffed about Brisnet lately. Never have I had to contact them about the lack of available information that can make the difference between wagering and wagering (and profiting) intelligently.
In the past, I have questioned the timing of the future wagers with the horses and races involved. This past weekend was no exception. A number of races were, indeed, held before the wager would close. Some of the bigger races were being held the same day and on Monday. A handicapper cannot realistically wager on a future pool without hard data as well as some instinct on how the race was run. BRIS ratings aren’t usually made available until days after, tho the Twinspires Twitter HAVE (my insistence) posted winning numbers after the fact for some races on a Sunday. They’ve also included fastet BRIS numbers for the week prior. It’s something, but I need more.
Why can’t Brisnet simpy have a product that will publish the BRIS numbers of the winning horses for each track, each race, per day? I’d pay for that info if I knew I’d use that info to make a wager with. Pace is certainly a major factor, like many others, in determining whom to wager on. It’s not the only big one but it’s up there.
Speaking with Brisnet customer service people, they don’t list BRIS numbers at all for a horse until it’s his/her turn to run again. Then why are some numbers published on social media? If it’s behind a pay wall, how does one get access? Those questions could not get answered to my understanding.

I had wanted the BRIS numbers of related races this past weekend to help create a hypothetical situation: If BRIS numbers were published on Tuesday, what would be the way I’d bet in the future wager? Obviously it’s hard to wager on missing data.
The only info I could gleam was from the Brisnet tweet re top BRIS scores from the week ending 9/3. One of the best was in the Del Mar Futurity….a 97 by Game Winner. Fine. One tiny piece of the puzzle. Where’s the Sapling? The Hopeful? The races that involve the actual Derby 2YO hopefuls??
Let’s see how I did with my picks from that abbreviated Saturday post:

Sapling: Blazin Liason was scratched. Unionizer, my next choice in order, did win. My 3rd choice, Stage Left, did finish 3rd.
Kentucky Downs Juvenile: Dragic, my top pick, finished 3rd.
Sunday Silence: 4-8-6 My top 3 finished 2-3-1, in Ice City Ghost, Cabo’s Rumor and Big Bobby Brown. Not a bad trifecta of $432.50 if you put in 50 cents. It’s what you get with a favorite, a mild value horse and a longshot involved!
Hopeful: Nitrous, my 2nd choice, finished 3rd/
Del Mar Futurity: Scored natural exacta of Game Winner and Rowayton. $16.10 exacta per $1 wagered.
Sorority: Decorated Ace, my 3rd choice, won.
Del Mar Debutante: Bouje Girl, my top choice, finished 3rd. Mother Mother, my 3rd choice, finished 2nd.
Spinaway: Restless Rider, my 3rd choice, finished 2nd.
Kentucky Downs Juvenile Fillies: Miss Technicality, my top pick, did win out.
Happy Ticket: Scored the natural exacta of Taylor’s Spirit and Flatoutandfoxy
As mentioned on Twitter (@IdealisticStats), my haste in wagering at the time I did caused human error. I intended to wager on the Juvenile pool, not the Sire pool. Twinspires doesn’t have a separate listing for the products, just a separate package for both and an individual one for the Juveniles. When it came time to wager, I was using the mobile site, and I had to choose race 1 and 2. I discovered that I had the screen set up on Race 2, which was the Sire wager. My picks, therefore, went to that race, and not to the Juveniles. I was crushed to learn that this took place. If I was on the laptop, it would have been somewhat easier, as at least the races are listed by name, tho they won’t list horses until you hover over the numbers.
Here’s my wayward and unintended picks for the Juvenile Sire Wager:
$2 win bets on
Dialed In 40-1
Orb 27-1
Tapizar 41-1
Uncle Mo 28-1
Violence 29-1
Any shots at winning the Juvenile with these? Let’s see. Dialed In has Pocket Dynamo, who was 2nd in the Grade 2 Norfolk in UK. Orb has the filly Sippican Harbor who won the Spinaway. As for colts, no one showing up yet. Nothing at all from Tapizar yet, and no mo’ from Uncle Mo it seems for this season. The chances for Violence seem promising. Strike Silver was 2nd in the Grade 3 Sanford at the Spa.
The 5 horses I had meant to take but erred on wagering on were these:
Tight Ten
Tobacco Road

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