MLB’s 10 best games of 2017, and some extras

I finally took the type to complete this list, drawn from the synthesis of 2 variables, determining the 10 best games of 2017. I also chose one representative for the playoffs.

Here’s the full list. Look for the tab marked ‘bestof2017’:

The 2 variables I use are these:
combined Game Score of the starting pitchers
combined aLI for each team.

I ranked the top 40 of aLI for the year, then added in the top 25 Game Scores…then worked backward until I had enough ranked high enough together to count.
My initial list was drawn from Baseball Reference, finding every game where both starters had at least a 60, and also every game where there was at least one team that scored 1.50 aLI.
The games I rank top 3 are the only ones that were bonafides, appearing in the top list for both. Others I had to use descending rank until I came up with a top 10.
I provide here links to condensed games and box score and play-by-play for each game.

The list I originally drew from, using Baseball Reference’s Play Index, is here:



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