2018 Derby/Oaks Future Wager selections

Here’s how my future wagers got entered….and didn’t.
For the Oaks, I waited until the last 2 minutes to get the win and exacta wagers done. I did this because Monomoy Girl, my top selection, was 6-1, and I wondered if she would actually get bet down to 5-1. Once I decided she was steady at 6-1, I put in these wagers:
$2 win bets on Monomoy Girl at 6-1, Wonder Gadot at 21-1, Coach Rocks at 60-1.
$1 Exactas: Monomoy Girl, Wonder Gadot, Coach Rocks over and under the field.
Best possible exacta payout: Coach Rocks/field: $478

I was about to cinch the exacta box between those 3 horses to each other, which would have set up hundreds to thousands as a payout….and then I get the dreaded red box that proved the closing of the virtual window. Rats. I normally wouldn’t let that happen, but it’s the risk I take for watching the numbers a bit too much.
The $6 I would have played in that box will go toward Pool 4
Ultimately, yesterday’s Honeybee Stakes only made Cosmic Burst a mild choice but not enough to make a difference.

For the Derby future wager, I did accomplish what I set out to do. But, as with the major race results, the rankings didn’t change much at all. My pace rankings barely moved, thanks to Bolt d’Oro’s DQ win.
$2 win wagers:
Bravazo (40-1)
Catholic Boy (21-1)
Free Drop Billy (44-1) (double dip, as I have already at 33-1 in a prior pool)

$1 exactas:
Bolt d’Oro (7-1)/Free Drop Billy (44-1)/Good Magic (11-1) exacta box
Bolt d’Oro/Free Drop Billy/Good Magic over and under field (4-1)
Lowest exacta payout: Bolt d’Oro/field: $32.10

Highest: Free Drop Billy/Good Magic: $798.40

I want to mention here that I had to extrapolate results based on tweets from Twinspires.com’s Twitter feed, which posts the winning Brisnet speed of selected major race winners. Of course, there were more than just 2 big races this weekend. I called up Twinspires, who did post another tweet about a 3rd major race. All I really needed was the Honeybee Stakes result. I called up Brisnet, spoke to a very receptive customer service, and instructed me on how to access the data. It is on their legacy site, and it’s $2-5 depending on how much info I need. But the big advantage is that it does post their speed figures within a day. No more need to guess, tho it’s not for free.

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