Slight return from slight hiatus

It’s been too long between posts, what with my work schedule and other projects taking equal importance at this time.
I do owe you some updates, including the 2017 Fear Factor stat reveal, both batters and pitchers. I will likely take this slowly, 1 team a day until the final list can be posted and comparisons madeand reveal the stats as we go and provide a summary afterward.

Enlightened Trails continue to present a good deal of parity. This is normal as most of the smaller tracks are getting their races in, and the big ones come shortly, starting with the Breeders Cup races in November. After that race, I will hope to solidify the divisions for each track, and provide yet another summary. Hey, maybe even some handicapping of these races, which I do miss.
Lately I’ve done OK with handicapping in several contests. I play contests at DerbyWars (rather, did), TVG, and the ThoroEnduro contest at Remington Park. My next time wagering actual $ will be the two-day Breeders Cup races, and I do hope I can be off one of those 2 days to fully enjoy the experience.

Yahoo! Sports fantasy football has underwhelmed in all 5 weeks thus far, and I’m about middle of the pack in my 10-team live draft league

Enlightened Derby Trail spreadsheet is updated at

Oaks Trail update:

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