Enlightened Trails update: Prairie Meadows

Enlightened Trails take us now from Texas to Iowa, and to Prairie Meadows Racetrack in Altoona. On the Oaks side of the Trails, tonight is the running of the Prairie Gold Lassie Stakes….6 furlongs, 65k. Top 3: Waki Patriot, Flat Out Gittin It, and Line Of Credit.
If you use an ABC grid (I don’t but some swear by it) it should look like this: A: 4. B: 1,3. C: 5,7,8
Lone overlay here is Flat Out Gittin It. How about the name, huh? Dazzled first after claim for John Tally, scoring a 77 over 5 furlongs at Lone Star on 7/9, running well late, winning by 8.5. Turn time of 23.6, an increase of .6 from her debut on 5/27 is the fastest of this field. I like that she won while increasing distance, and should do likewise tonight.
Line Of Credit on the rail won her debut with a modest 61 vs 31k fillies, here on 6/1. With the layoff, she added 3 works, 2 very fast, 1 a bullet.
I will have more coverage tomorrow and Saturday, with more Trail races involved.

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