2017 NCAA men’s basketball championship game selection, recap of brackets

A ton of work to get to here with regard to the Enlightened Trails, the Future Wager aftermath, a preview of the Masters, and tonight’s NCAA championship game, not to mention the running of Saturday’s Grand National steeplechase at Aintree. Besides all that, there are some of the final divisional races in the Trails coming on Saturday. Where to begin?
How about a recap of the NCAA brackets? Here’s where I stand:

From the last 14 games (sweet 16 through national semifinal), I managed a total of 6 wins, with one more remaining as possible. That’s 47 total.

6 games won out of 14, with one more to go. Total max: 48.

5 wins + 1. Total max: 43


Total max: 41.

As for tonight’s big matchup, here’s how they look:
Coach history: NC 3.66 games per tourney. Gonzaga: 2.38
School history: Gonzaga 2.4 games per tourney. NC: 3.47
# upperclassmen on roster: Gonzaga: 8. NC: 9
W/L % vs top 50: Gonzaga: 10-0. NC: 16-6.
W/L % vs better conference in non-conference games: UNC 1-0. Gonzaga: 9-0
Travel: Gonzaga with the edge, being based closer to the game site in Arizona
OFfensive efficiency %: Gonzaga 11.66. NC: 11.39
Defensive eff %: Gonzaga .0843. NC: .0958
Differential between defensive 2PT and 3PT %: Gonzaga .100. NC: .125
TO/poss: Gonzaga 1.55. NC: 1.60

I see Gonzaga winning this game.

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