Enlightened Trails update 3/27/17

Bourbonette Oaks pick was Delphinia, China Grove, Miss O’Hara (overlay).Other overlay was Fun. Result was Purely A Dream, Awesome Boss, Darkwingsoverdubai, Gilded Lily. Swing a miss here. Purely A Dream was never a factor for me. Top 2 horses, plus Farrell, lead the Heartland division now.

Spiral Stakes: my top 3 here were Convict Pike, En Hanse, Parlor. Overlays were my top 2. I used Kitten’s Cat and Parlor over my overlays.
Result: Fast & Accurate won over Blueridge Traveler, Convict Pike, Kitten’s Cat. 3 longshots ahead of the favorite! Those top 2 lead the Heartland Division.

Sunland Derby: Picks were Shareholder Value, Hedge Fund and Irap. With the scratch of my chosen overlay Kimbear, I changed my picks to Shareholder Value, Irap and Total Tap. I used Bronze Age and Conquest Mo Money over Total Tap. I had win bets on Hedge Fund and Irap.
Result: Hense was the longshot winner. Conquest Mo Money finished 2nd, Hedge Fund 3rd.
On the Trail, South Division: Hence and Conquest Mo Money find their way temporarily into my mythical Derby field.

Sunland Park Oaks picks: Overlay McKenzie Honey, price horse What What What,and favorite Kell Paso.
Ghalia won this race, and now is undefeated in 3. Kell Paso 2nd, What What What 3rd. McKenzie Honey was next to last.
This is the last of the Minor division races. McKenzie Honey already had locked up a spot in my mythical Oaks field, leading this division coming in.

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