Zone Master 2016 batter statistics now available

Building on my original Fear Factor stat creation, I’ve completed work on the 2016 starting players, using the most active  8 (NL) or 9 (AL) players per position per team. I use’s list per team to determine who belongs in this study.  I grouped the players as their website lists them, from catcher, infield, outfield and DH.
The first column of numbers is the Fear Factor stat itself, and the 2nd being the Bill James creation, Percentage of Offensive Value.  Numbers in bold mean this players is in the top 25 of that stat.
The most interesting matter to be found is that 4 players fit both Top 25 lists, 3 of them being second-basemen.
Here is the full list. 

I will update the historical list that I had originally posted to account for 3 seasons.  Vladimir Guerrero should still be the top batter in the post-expansion era.
If you’re looking for pitching stats, I will be hard at work on that, likely after this week as the Breeders Cup has priority.

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