NFL Week 5 momentum predictions

Summary of momentum predictions in NFL week 5 follows. I skipped games where there was no team with an edge on offense, and games with teams who have played 3 games.
Minnesota should dominate in the 2nd quarter. Houston to take over on offense in the 3rd, and on defense in the 4th.
I see Cincy getting a great start in 1Q, Dallas cutting into that lead via defense in 2Q, then both defenses trade blows in the 2nd half.
Raiders start strong on D in 1Q, with offense doing likewise in Q2, defense again in 3Q. Chargers go all in in Q4.
Expect a high scoring 2nd quarter, Bills getting the best of the scoring opportunities. They should keep momentum on offense in the 3Q, and LA bouncing back on D in the 4Q.
Denver to dominate in 2Q. Expect Atlanta to chip into the edge on offense in 3Q, and on defense in the 4Q.
Washington has the upper hand in Q2 on offense, with Baltimore coming back on D in Q3. Redskins win the tussle with offense in Q4.
Tenneesee to do well on offense in the first half, and on D in the 2nd half.  Dolphins might be able to match strides in 1Q but that is all.
Monday night game prediction will arrive early Monday.

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