Examining Triple Crown noms, comparing to Future Wager picks

The nominations for this year’s Triple Crown series have been announced.  I studied the list of 368 horses to look at which horses made the cut and which ones matched the key horses I examined out of the Derby Sire Future Wager from November.  Here were my bets from that wager, plus the odds, and key horses that drove me to place bets on the sire and which ones are in or out.  For the wager, I get all of the 3YO nominated progeny, not just the key ones.  Examine the list for yourself at http://www.brisnet.com/brisnet_promos/TC16PPs
UNCLE MO  (9-1)    Key:  Nyquist (in), Uncle Walter (in), Mo Tom (in), Abiding Star (out), Forevamo (in), Junkers (out), Little Schmo (out), Uncle Brennie (out), Uncle Jerry (in), Uncle Jimmy (out), William Crofty (out).
Others receiving noms: Uncle Lino, Uncle Guy, The Big Mo, Southwest Trail, Sea Wizard, Rally Cry, Prospectus, Outwork, Name Changer, Mo Power, Mo For The Money, Little Mo, Laoban, Conquest Superstar. 19 total
Nyquist was 9-1 in the first FW pool.
TAPIT (7-1) Key: Mohaymen (in), Tathqeef (in), Acoustic (out), Gray Sky (in), Hollywood Don (out), Rafting (out), Tarpon Bay Road (in), Tusk (out) .
Others: Ziconic, Tasit, Synchrony, Royal Obsession, Lani, Kismet’s Heels, Hot Item, Hint Of Roses, Cupid, Creator, Conquest Big E, Adios Reality. 16 total.
Synchrony is 96-1 from the FW pool, Mohaymen 11-1, Conquest Big E 39-1
HARD SPUN (37-1): Key: Young Brian (out) , One Legend (out), Donation out), It’s All Relevant (in), Nana Looch (out), San Dimas (out), Spin Cycle (out).
Others: Memories Of Winter, Hardly Home, Black Ops.   4 horses total
None were in Pool 1, so all these would be worth 3-5 from the field selections.
BERNARDINI (11-1):  Key: Greenpointcrusader (in), Regalo (out), Rachel’s Valentina (out)
Others: Zulo, Shagaf, Seymourdini, Saltini, Sail Ahoy, Moon Gate Warrior, Gulf Of Mexico, Forever Bernardini, Enroute, DIrect Message, Battery, Active Management. 13 horses total.
Sail Ahoy was 45-1 in Pool 1, Greenpointcrusader 28-1
KITTEN’S JOY (40-1): Key: Oscar Nominated (out), Smarty Kitten (out), Camelot Kitten (out)
Others: Catapult, Billy’s Kitten.  2 total. Both did not appear in Pool 1.
So I have 54 different horses of  the 368 that were nominated.
Thus far, all horses from the standard 23 in Pool 1 were nominated.
In other news, I’ve decided not to enter the NHC Tour, owing to the overall costs of entry fees at different events, and learning there will be only 5 free online tournaments in the year.   The entry fees for most of these events start at $50 per. I wish I had deeper pockets to invest in these contests. I have to wonder whether those who commonly bet $10 per race like I do are just getting priced out.

Next podcast will be published next week, timed to air prior to Super Bowl Sunday

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