Summary of NFL week 13 binomial predictions

CIN/CLE: Cincinnati in a low scoring game. They will dominate Q1. Cleveland might score with the ball in Q3
SEA/MIN: Seahawks and the over. They will score in 3Q; both sides score in bunches in 4Q
ATL/TB. Pick ’em. TB scores first in 1Q, likely via d. ATL leads with their defense in next quarters TB scores on offense in 4th. Back-forth game
NY/NY: Jets in defensive battle. Scoreless 1Q, then Jets D will build momentum in Q2, Q3.
JACK/TENN Jaguars to win, striking first on D in Q1. Tennessee comes back on D in 2Q. Jacksonville finds edge on D again in 4th
SF/CHI: All Bears: Defense strong in first half, offense picking up momentum in 3Q.
BAL/MIA: High scoring game winner for BAL, with strong D first half. Dolphins cut into lead in 3Q and lose in 4Q shootout.
HOU/BUF: All Texans, scoring on offense 1Q and 3Q, maybe also on defense in 2nd.
CAR/NO: Panthers dominate 1Q. Saints might strike back on D in 2nd but CAR keeps pressure via D in 3rd. Both sides shut out 4th.

I plan to have the late Sunday games and MNF game prediction here and on Twitter (Clammr feed is currently giving me errors)

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