Binomial predictions, NFL Week 5

Not enough hours put in to get the whole league covered but I do have predictions on 3 of the 1pm ET games, and will provide prediction for the Sunday/Monday night games later on. These predictions use the binomial/mean averages of quarter scores acheived/allowed and also the results of the comparative trends.   Each game takes about 20 minutes to figure out. For Week 6 I’ll take more time during the week to put them together.
Atlanta 28, Washington 21..
When Washington has the ball they have advantage on offense in 4th quarter.
When Atlanta has the ball, they hold advantage on offense in the entire first half, and on defense in the 4th.

Cincinnati 23, Seattle 21
When the Bengals have the ball, they have advantage on defense in the 4th quarter.
When the Seahawks have possession,their advantage is on offense and defense only in the 2nd quarter,

Green Bay 24,St Louis 17
When the Packers have the ball,they lead in offense in the 3rd quarter, and on defense in the 2nd and 3rd.
When St. Louis has the ball, they lead on offense in the 1st quarter and on defense in the 4th

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