Greatest MLB games project part 1 (1914-1949)

I have to admit my fascination with stats like WPA, aLi and Clutch to make numbers out of purely intrinsic moments, to rank the situations that you just know are pressure-packed and clutch-worthy.   What I have thought of doing is ranking the greatest teams by their batting aLI and also Game Score for pitchers.  I will rank the games by the average score for both teams in the games.  After that, I wanted to do likewise for postseason games as well as WS, as well as series-clinchers and also regular season winners (beyond game #162).   Leverage Index over 2 is especially high, and so the teams with this number or higher had to deal with a lot.
I believe, outside of numbers, that the best games involve a tight low-scoring pitching battle between 2 pitchers, maybe a 1-0 game or 4-3, extra-innings, tough to gather a lot of power. There may well be a comeback by one team, and lots of scoring chances thwarted, dazzling defense, and maybe a bit of the unusual.  A game where the outcome is highly in doubt for much of the way.

My tool here is’s Play Index, an amazing device for picking out games, events and streaks, and even splits, in the game’s history, as far back as the dead-ball era.

Borrowing from Wikipedia’s list of notable games in each season, I decided to choose one game as the representative from each year to see if it measured up to my own list and the actual top aLI games.
My next lists will be the best regular season clinchers and any games that were decided in the last week of the season including games 162-165.
After this I’ll explore all 1-0 games as well as close games that involved a no-hitter.
After this, all extra inning games, then games as measured by time.
I’ll build separate lists for postseason, WS, and series-clinching games.
For all games I’m first looking at the descriptions on Wiki and lists from the Play Index, initially ignoring the aLi and Game Score stats. I’m doing this just to see if I guess correct on this stat or if there were more dramatic games that I missed out on.

Here’s the baseballgreatest spreadsheet with the games I selected for the years 1914-1949.  1950s to 1968 will arrive soon.

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