Aqueduct 4/24/15 full card selections

I’m participating in the free Multicapper contest again. This website has 1  free track along with several paid tracks Thursday through Saturday each week.Given my schedule I’m playing just the Friday free card whereever it is. Here are my top 3 picks, sans analysis for each race. Be aware that I had to submit my picks by midnight Pacific so I’m subject to scratches and changes.
* = horse with ML value worse than 5-1:
Race 1 3-4-1
Race 2 4-3-8
Race 3 6*-5-4
Race 4 1-3*-7
Race 5 5-2-6
Race 6 8-1*-2
Race 7 5-4-3*
Race 8 8*-1-6
Race 9 7-4-1a*

Lots of chalk represented in the 9 races. I don’t see anything lucrative in terms of multi-race wagers. The closest I can come to is races 3-5 for the rolling pick 3.

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