Complete 2014-2015 bowl predictions

At last, as a Christmas present, a bit late, are my 2014-15 bowl game predictions, based on several sets of variables.   In the column labeled Team, the teams highlighted in blue should win narrowly. The teams in green should win convincingly (10 of these).  Coaches are judged by w/l % in bowl games in their careers, with the # of games involved the tiebreaker; same goes for schools.   Teams’ conferences are judged by strength of schedule.  A separation of 3 or more proves ideal.  Biggest differential: Birmingham Bowl (East Carolina v Florida).  Best matchup by conference: Orange (Miss St/Ga Tech), Belk (Georgia/Louisville), Independence (Miami FL, S Carolina).     School closest to the neutral site gets the nod, unless both schools are very close or very far away.
6 games matched evenly in the number of variables led.
Just about half the games should be covered by the favorite in the spread. Sounds about right.

I didn’t have time to enter the Yahoo! contest to judge games based on winner or confidence level, but here’s my top 6 games by confidence:
Marshall in the Boca Raton Bowl

Auburn in the Outback Bowl
Mississippi in the Peach Bowl
Georgia in the Belk Bowl
Air Force in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl
Arizona State in the Sun Bowl
The 2 toughest bowls on paper are these:
Military: Cincinnati (coach, school, QB) vs VA Tech (conference, location, common opponents)
Fiesta: Boise State (school, QB, common) vs Arizona (coach, conference, location)

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