Belmont Park selections 9/20/14

Today’s a fine day or horse racing, with action at the track I currently live closest to, Parx, in Philadelphia. I do type “closest” as I’m in a spot where I must relocate within a few weeks. Where to? I’m not sure. For the short term I might remain in the city if there is work I can find straight away or I might follow the advice of several people and flock to the Northwest. I have received a rather interesting connection to Seattle and Portland, and I just might follow up on it. That would put me closer to Emerald Downs in the town of Auburn WA. Outside of that, I’ve received some interest in Madison WI, not far from Chicago and Arlington Park. I’ll let you know my decision when the time comesThe action at Parx includes 4 stakes races which I’ll outline here, including the Pennsylvania Derby, which stars California Chrome and Bayern.
I also took another stab at which is offering 1 cash prize for the highest point gainer at Belmont Park. Here’s my top 3 for all 10 races:
Race 1: 5-1-2
Race 2: 6-7-4
Race 3: 3-5-7
Race 4: 6-2-7
Race 5: 12-4-2
Race 6: 10-5-4
Race 7: 3-1-8
Race 8: 2-1-4
Race 9: 6-5-9
Race 10: 7-8-6
Fair amount of favorites and values between the top selections of each race.
I also had to make my selections by 3am ET, which meant I was at the risk of scratches and changes. Ignoring the also-eligible horses, I aimed to keep that number very low. Indeed, only scratch from Race 6 is impacting, the #5 will not run.
I still wish Multicapper would offer more than one prize, and have a point system that’s more reflective of the $ amount.

Stay tuned here as I’ll get you those Parx stakes selections a bit later.

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