Final Enlightened Derby Trail update for 2014

I have an Enlightened Derby Trail update for you, and my final version of whom should be in among those still on the Trail. I also include a mythical one that includes horses who scored points in my system that are technically still eligible but who have strayed from the trail for reasons other than injury or not being nominated. Below is the new EDT update
 Here are the Cliff’s Notes for eligible races on the Enlightened Derby and Oaks Trails:
*One prep race per track.
*Race must be open condition and on dirt (preferable) and Graded, or the best ungraded, larger purse breaking ties.
*Races for 3YOs considered between January 1 and the same day as the Blue Grass Stakes in mid-April. *
Races for 2YOs between June 1 and December 31.
*There are scores for the top 4 finishers of the preps, with the lowest series of points given to ungraded 2YO races, and the highest to the Graded 3YO races.
Category 1 (2YO, ungraded): 100 for first, 50 for 2nd, 25 for 3rd, 10 for 4th.
Category 2 (2YO, Graded, plus Breeders Cup Juvenile): 250-125-50-25
Category 3 (3YO ungraded): 500-350-125-50
Category 4 (3YO, Graded) : 1000-500-250-125
A defined series of divisions are what the horses are competing on. Think of it as multiple Derby/Oaks Trials. The most points gathered in those races gains entry into the Derby or Oaks.
As posted prior, there are 5 divisions of tracks, plus one large section whose best races are ungraded and for 2YOs. Top 4 in each division get into the list of 24. Unofficial representation for each division is made based on where they score the most points in. A number of horses, of course, are running in different areas (typically NY/Florida, South/Louisiana, and so forth), When necessary, a balancing process ensures there are 4 from each division.
With Ring Weekend and Bayern now off the Trail, here’s the new list:
New York: Wicked Strong, Samraat.Ride On Curlin, Social Inclusion
Cali: California Chrome, Hoppertunity, Candy Boy, Strong Mandate
Bluegrass: We Miss Artie, Harry’s Holiday, Medal Count, Dance With Fate
Florida: Wildcat Red, Vinceremos, General a Rod, Conquest Titan
Gulf Coast: Vicar’s In Trouble, Danza, Intense Holiday, Tapiture
Minor: Big Bazinga
Also eligible would be these 2 horses: Commanding Curve, Coastline. These horses had 250 points, and broke ties in earnings. The lowest ranked horses I have among the 22 remaining are at 250 points.
On the outside looking in: Pablo del Monte, Shivarelli, Asserting Bear, Cleburne. I’d add these if Commanding Curve and/or Coastline defect.
Now I have not one but 2 wrenches to throw in the mix:
If my Derby Trial was truly in form, I believe that eligible horses who had enough points in my system would not stray off the trail, and I would add as many as 8 horses to the list, exluding those who are now injured and those who won EDT races that are actually not Triple Crown eligible. Those horses are Kid Cruz, Tamarando, Rebranded, Rise Up, Matuszak, Our Caravan, Casiguapo and Dublin Up. How would my EDT change if I allowed these horses?
Here’s my new list
Minor: Kid Cruz, Matuszak, Rise Up, Rebranded
NY: Wicked Strong, Ride On Curlin, Samraat, Strong Mandate
CA: Dance With Fate, Tamarando, California Chrome, Hoppertunity
KY: We Miss Artie, Harry’s Holiday, Medal Count, Tapiture
FL: Wildcat Red, Vinceremos, Our Caravan, General a Rod
Gulf: Vicar’s In Trouble, Danza, Intense Holiday, Candy Boy

On the outside of this list, we must exclude, in order of EDT points then earnings:
Commanding Curve

Pablo del Monte
Social Inclusion
Big Bazinga
Conquest Titan
Asserting Bear
Smack Smack
Puppy Manners
Dublin Up
If I were to add my de facto standards for horses that have been prepared properly, we’d still have to eliminate some horses from the Trail. Whether this should be strictly a handicapping angle or actual rule put in place to keep horses eligible may certainly be debated. Any lack of one of these conditions, save field size, is grounds for eliminiation:
Track: Must have a race on dirt at a route distance
Field size: Must have raced in at least a field of 10 horses (that is, 9 others)
Experience: Must have raced at 2.
Danza would be conditionally out based on field size.
Dance With Fate, Harry’s Holiday and Casiguapo has not a dirt route at 3.
Hoppertunity has not raced at 2.
Later tonight, or overnight, I’ll devote more space to both the Kentucky Oaks and the Alysheba Stakes, the latter with 4 Kentucky Derby entrants from 2013.

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