Peterson/Matthysse title fight in biorhythms

No Friday Night Fights tonight but there is a great world title bout on Saturday, taking place in Atlantic City. 
Lamont Peterson (31-1-1, 16 KOs) vs Lucas Martin Matthysse (33-2-0, 31 KOs), 12 rounds for the interim WBC light welterweight title.

Here are Lamont’s stats (1/24/84): 

Terrible outlook for Peterson as all cycles are down…a trend he’s been dealing with for a few days, and there’s little hope he’ll survive this match. More specifically, he’s going to get more cut and bleed more often. The will is still rather strong but he’s not going to be himself. 

As for Lucas (9/27/82): 

Matters are not much better for Lucas…in fact his own sense of passion is seriously on the wane..more likely to quit a fight than Peterson is. His mental strength will see him through to a degree. Can he afford to outsmart his opponent? 

This is going to be one sloppy fight, as both fighters are struggling physically, and somehow Peterson’s remaining strength and emotion, certainly better of the two, will give him the edge. 

Peterson by decision

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