Spanish Grand Prix analysis/prediction

Formula 1 drivers take to Circuit de Catalunya this morning for the Grand Prix of Spain. Here’s how the stats bear out:

7 drivers currently driving in F1 have won here, with Kimi Raikkonen the only two-time winner. Nico Rosberg is in his 8th run, still awaiting his first, as is Lewis Hamilton (7th).
Top 5s: Fernando Alonso is 9 of 11, Hamilton 3 of 6, Sebastian Vettel 3 of 5. Rosberg has no top 5 finishes.
Laps turned without victory: Rosberg, no surprise, with 433. Hamilton 392, Adrian Sutil 194.
Laps led without win: Hamilton, 19. No other active driver has ever led a lap here without winning.
Top 5 average finishing positions, 3 race minimum: Alonso 4.9, Hamilton 6.3, Vettel 7.2, Mark Webber 7.9, Felipe Massa 8.1
Running at finish: Alonso 10 of 11, Jenson Button 10 of 12, Webber 9 of 10.
Lead lap finish: Alonso 8 of 11, Button 6 of 12, Massa 6 of 10.

Prediction for top 5:

1 Hamilton
2 Rosberg (pole)
3 Vettel
4 Alonso
5 Massa

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