Boxing analysis for 5/2/13 via biorhythms

There are five (5) very good boxing matches coming up between Thursday and Saturday. Today I’ll preview two of them that are appearing on a Thursday edition of Friday Night Fights, ESPN2 with coverage.
Saturday night has 3 humongous title fights, but I’ll save my strength for early Saturday morning in posting my cycle analysis.

Tonight’s fights are in Corona, CA
Mauricio Herrera 1(8-3-0, 17 KOs) vs. Ji-Hoon Kim, 10 rounds, junior welterweights (24-8-0, 18 KOs)
Here’s Mauricio’s cycles

Mauricio will be fine for brute punching power but he’s also going to miss a fair amount of the time, and not really be attuned to his corner or the crowd very much.  Not a good time for decision-making.

Approaching a run of critical days where he’s just not going to feel like himself. Already weakening in punching power, despite a growing wisdom in the ring, he’s likely to be predictable, and will be easy prey for the upward physical cycle and force of Herrera’s punches.
Early round KO for Herrera (rounds 1-3)


Miguel Acosta (29-6-2, 23 KOs) vs. Miguel Gonzalez 20-3-0 (15 KOs), 10 rounds, lightweights;

‘Aquacerito’ is fighting on an emotional critical day…very much out of sorts with his environment, not going to respond well to referee or people around him…and prone to making a ton of errors.  His punching power will guide him and there’s no question of his passion, but  not quite at the level of his best potential performance.


Tougher cycles for the man they call “Silky Smooth”. Not so silky today as all three cycles are heading downward. Ability is mediocre at best,  His own level of passion is quite low, evidenced by the weakness physically and emotionally.

Middle round TKO for Acosta (rounds 4-7)

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