Weekend boxing action analysis via biorhythms

The 2 major fights on the card at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino in Verona NY on 3/29 are these:

Brian Vera (22-6-0, 13 KOs) vs Donatas Bondorovas (17-3-1, 6 KOs)  12 rounds, middleweights.
Here are Vera’s cycles:

Poor decision-making on Vera’s part will keep him from cashing in on his punching power, which is at its peak.  Cycles seem about average tho in good athletic shape and improving.

Now for Bondorovas:

Triple high with the physical cycle being the guiding force. Excellent cycles for a boxing match. He seems very strong, will make some pretty good decisions on when to strike and when to hold back.
Middle-round KO for Bondorovas

Undercard bout is Jackson Junior Dos Santos vs. Umbertos Savigne,
10 rounds, light heavyweights.
Dos Santos: (14-0-0, 12 KOs)

Just days before a triple critical period, his cycles are hurdling toward mediocrity.  Brainpower will not nearly be as strong as in prior days.  Physically is plodding along but slowly getting better.

Savigne: (10-1-0, 7 KOs)

Triple low cycles tell the story.  Might show improvement in landing punches but lacks power.

Ugly fight to be sure, yet  Junior should win this via decision.

Bonus Saturday title fight analyis..
3/30, Las Vegas: Brandon Rios vs Mike Alvarado, 12 rounds, for the vacant WBO interim junior welterweight title:

Rios: (31-0-1, 23 KOs)

Average cycles for Rios, tho appears to be in generally physical makeup. Problem is, the fight falls upon a physical critical day, and he’s just not going to know his own strength, and is likely to bleed more than normal. He will be fighting with a lot of heart.

Alvarado: (33-1-0, 23 KOs)

Difficult cycles with hardly any power, hardly any focus. He too will be fighting with adrenalin, might do better decision-wise.

Tough fight to call, but I do see it as Rios winning via late-round TKO.

Echo Arena, Liverpool England:  Tony Bellew vs. Isaac Chilemba, 12 rounds, WBC light heavyweight eliminator:

Bellew: (19-1-0, 12 KOs)

All low cycles and falling. Can’t be in any worse shape.

Chilemba: (20-1-1, 9 KOs)

Decent cycles at best, weak power, but much better in decision making,

May be a boring, sloppy fight, with Chilemba winning via decision.

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