Friday Night Fights predictions via biorhythms

Not sure which fights are being shown outside of the headliner but here’s what I got in terms of predictions for tonight’s card, seen on ESPN2 and ESPNDeportes:

Heavyweights, 6 rounds:
Didier Bence (6-0-0, 2 KO):
Tough one for Bence as he is absolutely weak tonight. Also he’ll feel pretty distracted by his home crowd. He’ll land his share of punches but they won’t have power. Small likelihood he will give up during this fight.

Joey Dawejko (7-1-2, 3KO):
LIke Didier, he’s pretty weak himself but on the rebound. Problem is, his other cycles are about its nadir to. As weak as one could be.
Bence KOs in 5.
LIghtweights, 6 rounds:
Michael Gadbois (8-0-0, 3KO)
Pretty good cycles here for Michael. Brainpower is at his peak and he won’t miss much. Crowd will be well behind him.  But the punches he throws will have minimal damage.

Krzysztof Rogowski (5-0-0, 2KO)

Mediocre yet volatile cycles for Rogowski. Just out of a semi-low period and getting into a semi-high. He’ll have a little life in his punches for sure and will land his share.
Very tough to call; both fighters not at their best, and yet one is gaining, the other weakening at about the same strength.
Decision for Rogowski.
Lightweights, 10 rounds:
Tyler Asselstine (12-0-0, 7KO)

All cycles positive for now but barely, as Tyler is likely to have a tough time punching…he’s gonna bleed a fair amount, not really knowing his strength. Otherwise he looks solid.

Baha Laham

Well how about this? Can’t get any better, with all 3 cycles strong and strengthening. Should be an excellent fight.
Decision for Laham.

Headliner: Welterweights, 12 rounds:
Kevin Bizier (19-0-0, 13KO)
Cycles are somewhat troubling as they are all pointed downward, and approaching a physical critical day himself (see Asselstine above).  Still strong athletic ability but not nearly at his peak.

Nate Campbell (36-9-1, 26KO)

Firm mismatch here, as Campbell has ideal cycles to win, growing power in his punches.

Campbell, early knockout (around 4th round)

Enjoy the action!

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