Molina/Spinks, Castillo/Smith Szpilka/Mollo fights

Friday Night Fights on ESPN2 &  ESPN3 has coverage of 3 matches. Headlining is The Ring’s #7 middleweight Carlos Molina vs Cory Spinks in an IBF middleweight eliminator.

 Here are Molina’s biorhythm cycles:

Not the best of cycles. All 3 are headed down and he’s inside the critical physical phase, which suggests he won’t have a handle on his slowly crumbling  strength.  He’ll have to rely on heart and the support of the Chicago crowd.  The passion is there but the strength won’t be.

Sporting a losing record over  his last 7 bouts, here’s former champ Spinks’s biorhythms for today:

Cory’s cycles are pointed up and he himself is on the opposite/positive side of the physical critical experience. He also might not know his own strength.

Both sides will throw and miss a lot of good punches.  But Molina has the crowd in his favor and he will eventually take advantage of Spinks’ long triple-low cycle.

Late KO (between 9th and 12th) for Molina.

Welterweights Jose Luis Castillo and Antwone Smith duel for 10 rounds on the undercard.
Here’s the veteran Castillo’s cycles:

Mediocre cycles here for Castillo, as his punching power is as weak as can be.  What’s strongly in his favor is his brainpower, totally at peak. He might have to use more finesse to stay in this one.

Now for Antwone:

Smith’s cycles are definitely better. He was at brief triple high just 3 days ago.  His own physical acumen today is definitely stronger but might not feel the motivation to fully deliver a great fight, possibly not go for the KO.

Decision for Smith. 

Artur Szpilka and Mike Mollo go 8 rounds in a heavyweight battle; this match is on ESPN3.

Here are Szpilka’s stats (he’s 12-0, 9 KOs):

Just out of a series of critical days, and comes out on the low side pretty much. Cycles today are somewhat in the middle. His strength is definitely present and getting stronger. What’s at question is his thought process. He’s going to leave himself open more times than not, being purely the aggressor. Also he’s still under the mental critical day influence…so can’t expect him to do well here.

Mike Mollo is fighting on home turf in Illinois and has close ties to the Marciano family. Here’s how he looks tonight:

Out of a triple low several days ago, his cycles also appear to be average. Problem here is that his mastery is at a nadir. He is about as weak as he can appear to be physically and lacks focus. He will certainly gain the home crowd advantage tho.
Not a terribly exciting fight this one, but I’ll call it a decision for Mollo.


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