Sports: Where and why do you place your attention? A survey

The point of this survey is to see which sports you will care about giving your attention to. In light of Baltimore Ravens footballer Bernard Pollard’s foreboding statement about the NFL’s unsightly future, I want to gauge my readers and those in the greater Internet who care about their sports, their games. First, my take:
I love sports, nearly as much as I love radio, my New Age work, and other passions. My interests in sports are quite varied, despite never having played most of those games. It’s a welcome distraction from stuff like job hunting, tho that’s a time-argument that I prefer to have by myself.
Pollard openly worries about the on-field death of a player to cause further drastic change to the game, possibly leading to its very banishment. It can certainly happen. So far we’ve witnessed players losing limbs and livelihoods. Can we tolerate the loss of American football as a whole? Will you care? I am sure that you will, as it is indeed the top attraction in gambling, legal or otherwise, as well as in the fantasy aspect of the game.
As an idealistic supporter of sports, I present a survey for you to complete and return via email. I want to gather a definite amount of responses before posting results. You will be asked to consider your attention to 30 forms of sports. I plan to draw correlations between the different answers and present the results of what’s on your sports minds.

1: on a simple scale of 1 to 5, how violent are these sports, most violent at 5, safest at 1?
2: Which sports are or have made the biggest changes in the name of safety? 5 for most changes, 1 for little to none.
3 Which sports are most competitive (5 strongest, 1 least)? 5 for highest competition, 1 for lowest.
4: which sports have the bigger following in gambling? 5 for biggest, 1 for hardly to no change.
5: which sports have the bigger fantasy aspect? 5 for biggest, 1 for little to none.
6: Which sports will change most significantly in 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? Most changes = 5. Fewest changes = 1.
7: Which sports excites/bores you the most? 5 for most excitement, 1 for most boredom
8: Put each of the sports in the order of which you will WATCH (TV) or LISTEN to (radio) or both,s or otherwise at least FOLLOW (Internet, social media), etc. Pretend each of those devices, TV, radio, Internet were on in front of you right now. You have access to all 25 sports? Which get your attention first? Which ones hold your attention? Which gets your attention only because there’s ‘nothing else on’?
9: Which of these sports do you feel are endangered? Which should be outlawed?
Here are the sports to include in your answers:
water polo
road running
figure skating
martial arts
horse racing
auto racing

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