2013 Australian Open women’s semifinals in biorhythms

Viktoria Azarenka: 

Surge in energy and athleticism along with focus. Will continue to feed off the emotions of the crowd tho not as much as prior matches. All approaching a brief triple high. Still an uphill climb. 

Sloane Stephens:

Sloane’s got better strength, and she’s beginning to get the internal confidence boost, especially after defeating her hero Serena (remember that triple low that kicked off that day?)…but she must deal with her decision making while relying on power. 

Should be close but I give it Azarenka in 3. 


 Maria Sharapova 

Sharapova at the top of her game. 

Li Na

All cycles pointing up at least and I would give a generally favorable outlook.  But weak in strength, not finding it when she needs it most.  She has finesse today in spades, and that will have to be her strength today against world #1.  Thing is, she’s more of a hard hitter that is adept near the net, and doesn’t often use topspin or slice. A tough ask. But this will still be an exciting match.

Sharapova in 3 sets to push the HTH rivalry lead to 9-4


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