2013 Australian Open men’s round of 16 (upper half)

Giving you a look at the 8 players in the upper half of the Men’s round of 16 via the magic of biorhythms. 

#1 Novak Djokovic:

#15 Stanislas Wawrinka:  

Both sides really weak, a match that should go 4, maybe even 5, but I see Djokovic avoiding an upset from the Swiss, making much more intelligent shots and fewer unforced errors. Ugly game to watch. 

Kevin Anderson:

#5 Tomas Berdych:

All Tomas really has is sheer power. He’s just awful at making proper decisions on court and rather mediocre in the rest of his game currently. Anderson on critical day emotionally…so watch out for a meltdownfeeling terribly sure of himself, maybe overconfident in comparison to Berdych.  All the same, this should be a straight set winner for Anderson, giving the unseeded Czech a spot against the Djokovic/Wawrinka winner.   

#4  David Ferrer:

#16 Kei Nishikori:  

Looking forward to this one! Both players in top physical form. Nishikori has the strength and focus to win here. However, all of Ferrer’s cycles are pointing up, starting to feel more assured of himself. I see Nishikori winning a thrilling 5-setter.

#10 Nicholas Almagro

#8 Janko Tipsaveric 

Almagro’s cycles sharply heading down, sucking the life out of his game. He’s got some strength remaining tho.  Tipsaveric not much better, frankly lacking enough passion to see this through.  Both players really weak. Another ugly match should result in a straight set win for Tipsaveric, as at least he’s starting to feel the strength coming back to him.   

In the quarters I currently see Anderson prevailing over the defending champion, and Nishikori likewise over Tipsaveric, the latter having played a ton of games in this event. Nishikori is the strongest of the 8 players remaining in this upper half. 

Back a bit later with the women’s lower half of the round of 16.


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