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Rebooting the Tumblr presence on WordPress, making the transition with a new interface, interaction, inter-everything. Looking forward to connecting with you about sports, stats, and, maybe some other stuff.   I aim to post daily and at whim on various thoughts on sports.
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In the next week or so I will be posting info about the Big Game Super Bowl, and some thoughts on the first of three Kentucky Derby betting pools.    A personal primer coming up next.

blog moving!!

I’ve strongly considered moving this blog to my WordPress presence where my radio website is. I am not liking that I cannot easily post images as I once did before via html.  Also I’ve experienced inconsistencies in the layout of the text no matter what I do. 
I will still turn out stats and ideas but I really don’t know if I can keep up with Tumblr’s policies.  
Watch for a new blog page very shortly.

Sports: Where and why do you place your attention? A survey

The point of this survey is to see which sports you will care about giving your attention to. In light of Baltimore Ravens footballer Bernard Pollard’s foreboding statement about the NFL’s unsightly future, I want to gauge my readers and those in the greater Internet who care about their sports, their games. First, my take:
I love sports, nearly as much as I love radio, my New Age work, and other passions. My interests in sports are quite varied, despite never having played most of those games. It’s a welcome distraction from stuff like job hunting, tho that’s a time-argument that I prefer to have by myself.
Pollard openly worries about the on-field death of a player to cause further drastic change to the game, possibly leading to its very banishment. It can certainly happen. So far we’ve witnessed players losing limbs and livelihoods. Can we tolerate the loss of American football as a whole? Will you care? I am sure that you will, as it is indeed the top attraction in gambling, legal or otherwise, as well as in the fantasy aspect of the game.
As an idealistic supporter of sports, I present a survey for you to complete and return via email. I want to gather a definite amount of responses before posting results. You will be asked to consider your attention to 30 forms of sports. I plan to draw correlations between the different answers and present the results of what’s on your sports minds.

1: on a simple scale of 1 to 5, how violent are these sports, most violent at 5, safest at 1?
2: Which sports are or have made the biggest changes in the name of safety? 5 for most changes, 1 for little to none.
3 Which sports are most competitive (5 strongest, 1 least)? 5 for highest competition, 1 for lowest.
4: which sports have the bigger following in gambling? 5 for biggest, 1 for hardly to no change.
5: which sports have the bigger fantasy aspect? 5 for biggest, 1 for little to none.
6: Which sports will change most significantly in 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? Most changes = 5. Fewest changes = 1.
7: Which sports excites/bores you the most? 5 for most excitement, 1 for most boredom
8: Put each of the sports in the order of which you will WATCH (TV) or LISTEN to (radio) or both,s or otherwise at least FOLLOW (Internet, social media), etc. Pretend each of those devices, TV, radio, Internet were on in front of you right now. You have access to all 25 sports? Which get your attention first? Which ones hold your attention? Which gets your attention only because there’s ‘nothing else on’?
9: Which of these sports do you feel are endangered? Which should be outlawed?
Here are the sports to include in your answers:
water polo
road running
figure skating
martial arts
horse racing
auto racing

2013 Australian Open women’s semifinals in biorhythms

Viktoria Azarenka: 

Surge in energy and athleticism along with focus. Will continue to feed off the emotions of the crowd tho not as much as prior matches. All approaching a brief triple high. Still an uphill climb. 

Sloane Stephens:

Sloane’s got better strength, and she’s beginning to get the internal confidence boost, especially after defeating her hero Serena (remember that triple low that kicked off that day?)…but she must deal with her decision making while relying on power. 

Should be close but I give it Azarenka in 3. 


 Maria Sharapova 

Sharapova at the top of her game. 

Li Na

All cycles pointing up at least and I would give a generally favorable outlook.  But weak in strength, not finding it when she needs it most.  She has finesse today in spades, and that will have to be her strength today against world #1.  Thing is, she’s more of a hard hitter that is adept near the net, and doesn’t often use topspin or slice. A tough ask. But this will still be an exciting match.

Sharapova in 3 sets to push the HTH rivalry lead to 9-4


2013 Australian Open men’s round of 16 (lower half)

Jeremy Chardy 

Brief triple high is over, on an emotional critical day, still under effect of mental critical. Not a good look. Going to lose some shots and challenges but his game is pretty strong otherwise.

#21 Andreas Seppi

You can’t get into any better situation than this one. Triple high with all cycles on the up and up. 
Straight set win for Seppi

#14 Gilles Simon

Absolutely weak here, challenges lost and errors by the dozen. Will have to rely on heart. 

#3 Andy Murray

Cycles are mixed, improving in all phases of the game, with triple high in 2 days. 
Murray in straight sets. 
#7 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

See Andy Murray’s cycles. Few errors, few double faults, brainpower at peak. 

#9 Richard Gasquet

Pure athletic ability very strong, might get a lift from the crowd but not terribly responsive. 
Best matchup of the 4 today. Tsonga in 5 sets. 
#13 Milos Raonic

General weakness here along with a looming physical critical day. Should have enough athletical ability to match shot for shot, even if stamina isn’t there. 

#2 Roger Federer  

 Physical critical day today, of all days. Blood on the court? Medical timeouts? For sure. Coming out of triple high, it will be at a minimum. Overall game still very strong, will surely out think his opponent. 
Federer in straight sets.  

2013 Australian Open women’s round of 16 (upper half)

Went 1-for-4 in my projections, so I can only improve from here! Here’s a look at today’s 4 matches: 

#! Victoria Azarenka

Athletic ability at a pure low here, but has a lot of heart. 

Elena Vesnina  

Very brief triple high, quite willing to see this match through.
Vesnina in 2 sets. This is the best of the 4 matches on the women’s side today.
#10 Caroline Wozniacki

Things looking positive again from earlier days, but a long way to climb. 

Svetlana Kuznetsova

She seems almost ready to quit but her strength is increasing.  
 Both have to outthink the other..there’ll be a lot of errors on each side. Wozniacki 2 upward-pointing cycles give a very slight edge.  She’ll prevail in 3. 

#3 Serena Williams

Cycles pointing down to a triple low in 4 days. She might do well but feeling much weaker with each further match.  

#14 Maria Kirilenko

Kirilenko in better spirits, just out of a triple low but very weak physically still. 
Another ugly match, with Kirilenko to prevail in 3. 
Bojana Jovanovski

Bojana with good athletic strength but not feeling the audience’s love today.

#29 Sloane Stephens 

Cycles are pretty decent but just coming out of triple low will make her share of errors. Not a great match this one. Jovanovski in 3 

Back later with the remaining men’s singles matches of the round of 16.