Pacquiao v Marquez in biorhythms

Here’s Pac-Man’s chart:

Generally positive for Manny. Feeling and behaving like a superhero but without the power.

Now for Juan Manuel Marquez:

Marquez comes out of a brief triple low with a growing physical strength.  Doesn’t seem willing to go the distance.

Manny’s got a better overall constitution  entering the fight, and appears to have more of a killer instinct.  I say he KOs in the 6th.

2011 Breeders Cup day 2 updated picks

These notes go hand-in-hand with my earlier selections for day 2; here I add ATB and show parlay selections..These 2 sets of selections, as explained prior, are conditional…all changes depending on the odds nearing post time. 

BC MARATHON win/exacta: 3,6,7,8
ATB: 1,4,6
show (these are parlays): 1,4,5,6, (9 if track still ‘good’)  

JUV TURF win/ex: 4,5,6,7,10
ATB: 15
show: 4,7,15    

SPRINT win/ex   2
ATB: 1,8
show: 1,5,7 (2 if track is fast)  

TURF SPRINT win/ex: 2,10,11
also exacta: 8
ATB: 14
show: 8, 14  

DIRT MILE win/ex: 2,3,5 ATB: 5,6
show: 1,2,5,7,8  

TURF win/ex: 6,9
ATB: 2,5 show: 2,5 (1 if track ‘good’)  

JUVENILE win/ex: 2,3,8,11,13
also win: 6
ATB: 5, 12
show: 3,4,5,7,12  

MILE win/ex: 1,2,8,11
also win: 4
also ex: 6,12
ATB: 3
show: 2,3,5,6,9,13

win/ex: 3,8,12
ATB: 13
show: 2,4,5,8,9,10

Breeders Cup 11/4/11 wagers (at first glance)

Having had a look at scratches and changes, here’s my updated look at which horses I am likely to back for Friday’s BC races Win bets on horses 6-1 or worse
Exactas with any combo outside of picking 2 favorites
Across the board I will choose 1 horse with odds worse than 10-1, usually a horse I’m keying in all wagers
2-race show parlay with keyed horses if (1) I feel I can eliminate favorites from top 2 positions, or (2) if there is just one horse as a favorite (better than 4-1) ML faves are indicated with *

win: 1, 2
exacta 1,2, 4,5, 9
across board: 6*, 4, or 7 show parlay: 6*,4 
win and exacta: 2 (possibly one of these: 3, 4, 7, 9, 11) across board: 2 or 8
show parlay: 2, 5, 10*
win: 10 Exacta: 2, 10
across board 7 or 11 show parlay: 7, 11 
win & exacta: 1, 8, 11
across board: 2, 3 or 5 show parlay: 2, 3, 5 
Win & exacta:  5*, 6, 8, 9, 12 across board: 10, or 8
show parlay: 10, 8 
LADIES’ CLASSIC win & exacta: 3, 8*
across board: 10
show parlay: 10

Who will I actually wager? Follow me on Twitter at @radiocblue to find out. I’ll say this much: so far, first 4 races should produce a ton of value.

Breeders Cup day 2 11/5/11

Couldn’t wait to get this work done so I could have a clear head for the day’s handicapping.  Horses with ** are 6-1 or better in the morning-line.  

Using a different source for material for this race and the BC TURF, I don’t have access to all the variables I normally use.  Here are my choices thus far for win/exacta

6 Brigantin 8 Afleet Again
7 Harrison’s Cave
3 Meeznah Might be the one race today producing large payouts.

Another terribly wide open race, but here are 7 I like for the top 2:
4 Farraj
5 Wrote
7 Caspar Netscher
9 Daddy Nose Best
10 Animal Spirits
**13 Finale
Tequila Factor  


This race has just one clear contender to me, and that horse is Giant Ryan. Candidate to bounce, but has good ROI numbers.

2  **10  11: Holiday For Kitten, Havelock, Camp Victory
Exacta: these three plus #8**, Regally Ready ****************************

These look best for both win and exacta:
2 Shackleford**
3 Tapizar
5 Wilburn ** Chalky!

Relatively little info to go on, but I do like these two for win and exacta:
1  Await The Dawn**
9 Midday ** Chalky! ******************************

A billion horses all viable here. Here are the ones that stand out:
2 Dullahan 3 Crusade
6 Prospective (win only) 8 Speightscity 11 Daddy Long Legs 13 Optimizer **********************************

Contenders for this one for top two are:
1 Goldikova** 2 Zoffrany 4 Mr. Commons 8 Byword 11 Strong Suit 6 Get Stormy (exacta only) 12 Compliance Officer (exacta only)

Down to three horses for the big one:
Everyone likes #12** Uncle Mo, and I’ll join that bandwagon. Forged a new career best pace score, could bounce.  #3 Drosselmeyer has similar pace angle.  #8 Game On Dude might be returning to peak form with this race.    Follow me on twitter at @radiocblue to get my updated wagers prior to each race.