2011 Home Run Derby via biorhythms

Jose Bautista is on the upswing but will struggle mainly: 

 Robbie Cano will prevail by sheer force and focus but may flame out:

Prince Fielder will be off kilter. Not much power foreseen Can’t fault his passion tho and might sneak into round 2

Adrian Gonzalez will be at near peak form physically. Only question is whether he will keep to a good streak. 

 Matt Holliday is on the upswing (sorry) but I can’t see him past round 1:

 Matt Kemp is in about as bad form as one could be going in: 

David Ortiz is improving physically and in ideal form to hit a whole bunch tonight. The fire is there as both his physical and emotional lines are moving up strongly. 

Rickie Weeks is at his depth physically. He’ll have focus to get the ball where he wants it to but the power will be lacking. 

 I foresee Big Papi over Holliday