Profiling Tiger Woods’ and his ‘drive’

Ugly incident, and very suspect at the same time.  You’ve heard by now about the incident re Tiger and his short drive near his home in a gated FL community….hitting a tree and fire hydrant. Not with club, but with car. Sober. His wife comes to rescue him and takes out the rear window. Police reports take 12 hours to be filed, by which time Tiger is being released with minor facial injuries.   Can’t rule out the idea there was a domestic issue involved. So let’s see:
Tiger 12/30/75 projected for 11/27/09:

Tiger JUST coming out a physical critical day…the sort of day where one can feel out of sorts, be accident-prone and the like. Being somewhat positive but with cycles about to head down…the short-term future does not look good at all.

Secondary cycles suggest same patterns.
Now a look at Tiger’s wife Elin Nordegren (1/1/80)

Working a bit in cross-purposes are Elin’s cycles, tho what’s most telling is her mental critical day falling on 11/27…..taking some sort of risk….maybe thinking too much with out proper follow-through, finding mental challenges too daunting for a bit. Not to mention her own physical critical day very soon after.  Coming out of triple low cycles from the last week, fnding her edge, this was her breakout day, and the result are not pretty.

As a bonus:here is the compatibility for the lovebirds: Their charts have a low compatibility rating of 28%…meaning that during 28% of the 23 day cycle contains a match of both charts.  Emotional rating is very strong at 74% …they share highs and lows together most of the time..which is ideal. Mental cycle is 52%, which is a bit low but not impossible to work with.  Overall score of 53% is pretty good.  Very curious to see how the next 2 weeks look.

this week’s biorhythm snapshots

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown (2/20/51) is apologizing today for thousands of children shipped off to Australia and other Commonwealth countries last century. Will he sound convincing? I think so…

Cycles suggest he’ll be most understanding and genuine in his speech on top of being his empathetic self. Looks like a good week overall for PM Brown.

Let’s look at POTUS. As Obama wrestles with climate and nuke issues this week..

Obama needs to be careful this week. His drive and motivational skills are currently at a low, but will be back to some sense of normalcy by Friday 11/20. He can still talk a good game tho. Count on hm to figure things out through Tuesay 11/17…Wednesday will be challenging, as he will be out of sorts that day through Friday.