The last food run..30+ places to hit before I leave the Apple

Not gonna lie, leaving NYC will be tough when the moment comes. But I’m so ready to get out of here…and get working in a new city, new home. In my prior post I queried about finding work while I have work here and wanting to relocate next year. Tricky. But I need answers.
Meanwhile, while I’m on this temp job in Brooklyn, and assuming I’ll have no more than 30 weeks to get outta here…I’m going to hit every good cheap eat in the city while I can. I have a list of places I’ve been to, plus a combo of places that were highly reviewed by websites and by those who dine in them. And the curiousity factor is always a plus.
My rule will be going to 1-2 a week, spending to $10 at each spot. Nearly all places are in Brooklyn or Manhattan. Of course I have 1 each for the other boroughs. I think 1 in Hoboken is fair too.
It’s still an incomplete list..and this task is very low on my accomplishment list as I’ve got work to dwell on…but here’s what I have so far:

Peter Pan Bakery (Brooklyn)
Willie’s Dawgs
Lenny’s Bagels
Georgie’s (Washington Heights)
Bahn Mi
Caracas Arepa
Mark’s Pizza (Red Hook)
Philly Sli’s
H&H Bagels
99 Miles To Philly
Fascati Pizza
La Bagel Delight
Cafe Peldar
The Grey Dog’s Coffee
Luigi’s Pizzeria
Ralph’s Italian Ices
Hot Bagels (Kensington)
Bagel World (Williamsburg)
Jackson Hole (Quens)
Adobe Blues (Staten Island)

Where I’ve been and will return to:
L&B Spumoni Gardens
Shake Shack
Pommes Frites
Starving Artist Cafe & Gallery (Bronx)
Bagel Boy
Roll-N-Roaster (I live nearby)

National Underground (burger to die for)
Peter Luger (probably just for the burger and the apple schlag)

I’ll begin this epicurean conquest sometime after 9/1