2009 British open picks

Oddsmakers seem to like these 10:

Padraig Harrington: 2-time defending champ should be good for day 1.on a triple high…but then goes through a negative phsyical critical during the 4 days…emotional and mental cycles remain high.
Secondary cycles remain strong throughout.

Sergio Garcia: Best never to win a major. Uh huh. Still retains that title. Mentally on critical but reaching positive. physical and emo cycles are approaching low…so that’s not helping his cause any. Secondary cycles are triple negative.

Tiger: Tough tourney for Tiger….emo and phys cycles are negative but mentally sharp. His passion/drive just won’t be there. But he can still focus and think rings around the competition.

Rory McIlroy: Cycles are approach triple negative. No chance.

Paul Casey: Very good shot…..emotionally on a high…mentally critical but turning positive. Phsyical also about to be criitical but turning positve.Secondary are positive and on the rise.

Jim Furyk: Physical and emotionally very strong…mentally on a long negative run. He will feel quite motivated to excel. Decision making will be suspect tho.

Lee Westwood: Physically on a high….Mentally negative but will turn critical positive….emotional is negative and hurtling downward. Appears to have good drive and focus for this.

Ian Poulter: Very strong phys and emotionally. Mentally negative but on long positive turn. Secondary cycles are all up. Contender.

Henrik Stenson:Physically good but critical day halfway through. Emotionally positive and increasting. Mentally also very strong. Secondary cycles are up tho athletic ability will take its toll by 4th rd. Will be a contender.

Hunter Mahan: Already has peaked phsycally and emotionally…mentally negative. Secondary cycle are good but all pointing downward.

And one from me…my fave gplfer for 2009: Kenny Perry: Physically and emotionally in good form. mentally is on long decline. Passion is good,but decison making is ussue.

Of these, I like Padraig, Casey and Poulter

2009 home run derby prediction

Nelson Cruz: Physical positive and rising…emotionally at a low, mentallly very high, just past peak..Athletic ability very strong. passion is weak but getting better. 3
Carlos Pena…emotional positive but fading. Physical and mental cycles are at low…Not a factor.
Joe Mauer: Emotional high, mental high and just past peak, phys low. Secondary cycles are positive but on downturn. 3
Brandon Inge: Emotional high, phys and mental cycles are way low. Passion is somewhat there but on the downturn.

Prince Fielder: See Brandon Inge…cycles virtually same.
Adrian Gonzalez: All 3 cycles negative. no factor
Ryan Howard: Mentallly on high, but other cycles at low. 1
Albert Pujols: Hometown all-star is on physical and mental high, emotionally at low. Passion good but mastery even better.

Pujols, Cruz, Mauer easily the best of these 3…and I think it will be Pujols over Cruz in the final