Still kinda depressed over a job loss but already back into job hunting mode. Resume all polished, sentences rehearsed. The suit need a bit of work and will get that done very soon.

I think I have the Live365 problem solved. I’m just hoping that the archive feature will work properly.    

I MAY have scored a CMJ pass for the week. It’s my first time, and I know for sure that I wont’ be able to use it 2 nights and possibly 4 days….so i’m looking very carefully to see which acts I want to schmooze.   Any of you done the CMJ events? Frankly this is my first time, but I want to go all-out: get to about 10 venues a night, check out about 30 bands, hear 3 songs from a band, get a few pics, exchange a few cards, etc. That’s one night/day.

I need to go food shopping.  Getting food for one day can be expensive.

Today is the last work day until whatever job comes my way next. Part of me is gonna miss it.

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