my liege

One more thing to add about The Break and Repair Method show. Paul Doucette started and ended the show, solo uke.  It was actually quite funny to see him struggle with the uke on the closing song, a cover of “Come On Eileen’. Just couldn’t get the tuning right.

Magical things happen on Houston. If I’m in the area after a night of musical experiences (arlene’s grocery, Piano’s, etc.) I’ll always check out one of the local shops for a nosh to take back on the nearby F train back into Brooklyn. No one seems to think i’m at all sane for wanting to commute 90 minutes in the dark to Brooklyn. But, I counter, it’s only 75 minutes into Manhattan. Yes, only.   There’s the spot near Katz’s Deli which is pretty nice and has great pastries (get the rugalach) and some bread-laden foodstuffs, such as samsas, pizzabagels, and always up to serve breakfast.  They even have the Big Train line of chai products.    The old Belgiain fries place was replaced by something else, but some other fast-food place now serves up the potato goodness with other foods.  I also like Sugar for other pastries (love their croiissants and gelato), and even a Dunkin close to the big imposing clock you can see for blocks around.   So I walk up Houston past Mercury Lounge last night. I was coming back from SB3, a lounge spot that has a sweet disco spot downstairs. It was a listening party for the Nightrats’ new CD. I met a few folks who are all friends and acquaintances of the band. Earlier upstairs I had a vodka tonic, and the bartender was also handing out some free shots of ‘peanut butter and jelly’. Apparently it’s Chambord, Fra Angelico, vanilla cacao (!), and grapefuit juice.  No ice.  Didn’t need it. Super sweet.  Ahhhh.

And so when I trudged back along Houston, I also peered into National Underground where I do some booking. Lots of very pretty people milling about.  I passed by a yellow truck, which I had noticed only once before at West 4th near 6th Ave, advertising ‘wafels and dinges’.  It was, indeed, waffles with various exotic toppings.  I asked for a liege cinnamon royal, which was their basic chewy waffle, a bit of cinnamon, some cream. That’s it. I also added some nutella.  They serve it in a simple container, the type you might get Belgian fries in, plus a simple foil wrapper. I wolfed that down pretty quick, no so pic.   Honestly, kids, it was something I coulda done at home, if I bothered to buy some fluffy waffles and nutella and the rest.  Matter of fact I’ll put that on the shopping list tomorrow.

Paul Doucette, drummer for matchbox twenty, has a new project, the Break and Repair Method. He unveiled his new songs at last night’s gig at Piano’s. Paul to your left, bassist Rob Calder to your right.

Kristoffer Ragnstam put on a solid professionally rockin’ show at Piano’s last night, with his band the Electric 4. “Keep Swedish music alive in America” he exhorted at the end of the set.
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