Scrabulous reincarnated

This time around, make up your own rules. Do Scrabble if you really wanna:

From the application page:

Wordscraper is the COOLEST application on Facebook. It provides you with TWO amazing games:

Wordscraper Blitz – a fast paced word building competition in real-time!

Wordscraper Regular – a fantastic tool to build and play YOUR OWN word game within SECONDS! Simply click on new game, build your board/rules, and start playing. You can save your creations for future use or, share them with friends. Games are turn based and awesome fun!

I’m gonna dive in to see what the fuss is

dollars to doughnuts…er….danishes…’s not it…

Good story here. I’m ok with your basic bagel and cheese spread…..and always with the coffee…. and I do like the flatbreads..tho not the pure cheese one.    This move to healther flatbreads and even a multigrain bagel totally rocks.
Now if I can just muster enough strength to make contact in Bases Loaded. This game is a hard one to win at.  But the upside is getting reduced $ cost for food prizes. 

so far…..

nothing much to report, ‘cept that I have taken a short sabbatical from show-going. I might be working at one venue this weekend, handling cashier work. Otherwise, fairly quiet and humid in most areas of the life around me.  Will take a bit of time to get used to the new Facebook look.
Thankfully no one I know was tremendously shaken up in the 5.8 quake the other day. It did put Chino Hills on the map, if it hasn’t already.

A bit disappointed that the new Edwin McCain CD is all covers. I don’t spin covers on my show, and don’t start planning to now.