musical finds

Whew…not too good in the prognostication dept lately am I?

More MNN love here:
2 artists who released music years ago were revealed to me on 2 programs. One program, Local Vision, promotes videos of songwriters and bands who are unsigned, and usually pretty good quality at that.  Problem is that the host seems a bit like he has a complex….and once dressed rather normal while intrdoducing his shows amidst his props, but then overcompensated with a mask, face voice, as if that was the real deal. Oy. It’s not watchable TV or Web-viewing. If you dare, its’ Sunday 230am on MNN chanel 67.  Anyway, there was time for about 2 or 3 videos in the 27 minute show, and one song totally captivated me…a neo-celtic/folk rock tune.. I googled the lyrics and discovered the name… Sinead Lohan. No joke, that’s her name.  But truly authentic songs from the homeland.   Hasn’t released a CD in years but seems to be working on one with Malcolm Burn. I’ll post the video shortly.
Then another program, PANDEMONIUM shows cuts of different gigs each week, Sundays 3am by the band Pan….great Bowie-like vox, sometimes over the top, with solid modern rock sounds that never let up. Last night’s gig was one from a few years ago at CBGB.  Their website, like SInead’s, hasn’t been updated in some time but, also akin to Sinead’s, has an active myspace page.   I don’t get why myspace is considered a substitute for a website. Maybe a financial/tech thing…or laziness.  Anyway, don’t knock the rock.  


boxing match; biorhythms

Tonights’ matchup of Manny Pacquiao vs David Diaz for Diaz’s WBC lightweight title:

Both fighters actually have very similar cycles except in the physical area.  David has a cycle that’s actually near its physical peak, while Manny’s is at a physical low.  Both fighters have similar cycles mentally, which are low….and emotionally…both high.  
The way this manifests is that David’s ability of breaking through his wall and finishing the job will be stronger than Manny’s but not by much.  
In the area of focus, it’s about even. In terms of overall awareness….about the same here too.
Result will be David winning out in a rather slow-paced affair, TKO in 10th.

2 horse picks…wagers soon

Not going to the track today. I go every other Saturday.

Today’s picks for featured races at
Hollywood Park
Hollywood Gold Cup
1: Tiago  2: Big Booster  3: Student Council  4: McCann’s Mojave

Belmont Park
Suburban Handicap
1: Harlington 2: Rising Moon  3: AP Arrow  4: Frost Giant and to follow the action (tho the Cali tracks are cooler for providing live audio/video)
Next post will be the wager

$6 win on Harlington
$4 place on Rising Moon
$6 show on AP Arrow

Ugh…got skunked on that one. Here’s the wager for the HGC
$6 place on Tiago
$4 place on Big Booster
$4 show on Student Council