Kate Walsh @ Mercury Lounge 5/26/08 
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Quincy Coleman @ Mercury Lounge 5/26/08 
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Brandi Shearer @ Mercury Lounge 5/26/08 www.brandishearer.com

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show recap

Just back from the city. A whirlwind evening of music was experienced. I started out at Mercury Lounge to see Quincy Coleman, who is touring with Brandi Shearer and Kate Walsh. My sum total of time interacting with Quincy was probably all of a minute, but it was productive and lovely.  I successfully recorded her gig and did some decent photos. I was situated out back so the point of view was not so good.  The band did much of the same material I heard when I last saw her, at Banjo Jim’s last fall.  This event was fairly well attended, considering the holiday. I met a few of Q’s entourage, including her mom, who tells me that she has 2 other kids who are involved in music.  Lovely. I stuck around to do photos of Brandi and Kate…tho the battery crapped out midway through Kate’s show.  All 3 are under the banner of Amoeba Records, the only label I know that is a record store first, with a label built around it.   
I trudged over to Rockwood to see what was happening, and I run into Jeremiah Birnbaum, who’s about to perform. I still have enough juice from my recorder to do his gig….and sure enough I did.  JB was billing himself as solo, but quickly became a sort of Ramblers gig…with Scotte Sten on the keys, and Mark Marshall on guitar alongside.  Another gentleman arrived on the 4th song in….apparently a trumpeter..JB called him over..and he joined in as well. The set was very long..85 minutes….and no one seemed to notice that it was of that length!  JB did some great originals, some Ramblers hits, a John Prine cover, and some experimental and new songs….one being a song born and bred from a 3day party over this Memorial Day weekend.  Yours truly recorded the whole thing and I hope to reveal all details soon.   Also I will have pics of Brandi, Q and Kate available on Facebook when I get to it. Mind if I sleep a bit before I do so?