props to WNYC-TV

Videos from the greatest video show ever….ever!
Video Music Box was at the center of my TV universe in the mid80s.Yes there was radio too, but I still clung to TV when I could.  Everybody in Brooklyn was thumping Beastie Boys “Brass Monkey”…while Madonna and MJ ruled…and I confess to have seen most of the “Solid Gold” TV shows..without a clue that those peformances were lip-synched. accck.
WNYC TV was a special TV station that was run by the city of NY…and part of their programming is kinda like what MNN is today…a good wholesome mix of NYC-centric programming.  After 6pm for a while tho, there would be ‘lease-time service’ where you would see programming from other countries…. Italian TV always had a place..usually one of their popular variety shows, or Temi de Calcio..a weekly roundup of Italian soccer leagues. There was also some programs by Hellenestic TV from Greece..and other stuff. Goodness, what memories. I had thought for a while I was part Italian. Turns out I’m part Romanian which is not too far from the truth re the Italian stuff.  Mom’s maiden name is Roton..which actually hearkens back to the UK. Anyway, I ramble on.  Which is fine. I miss that TV station.  If you wondered, my radio interest was still fixated on WPLJ Power 95.5…as a regular listener of Jim Kerr and the Morning Crew…tho by 1986 I reinvented my ways and decided to check out other stations and approaches to music.  TV, radio and my music tastes all grew up necessarily.  

If you’ll indulge me here’s what I really remember: Video Music Box..330pm every weekday, hosted by VJ Ralph McDaniels (and early on cohost the Vid Kid). Ralph would introduce mainly off-camera some music in many genres, including some clips of older performers…classics from Bob Marley, Hendrix, James Brown and the like. Yes, they even bothered to show early Madonna, one-hit bands like Hi-Five, regional favorites Trouble Funk, Shalamar, Black Britain, Art of Noise, a-ha (!). I recall seeing hip-hop in its old-school heyday. When did hip-hop become new school? Answer later.
VMB also took great license in redoing some videos and making it their own…fooling me early on thinking that I was seeing the original videos. That was not the case…but happilly those were far and few inbetween. 
I really liked the videos I’m about to post about below, with help from YouTube.   Enjoy!

Afrike Bambaataa & the Soul Sonic Force:…what else is there to say?

 hiphop started where?? You know….from the greatest diss track ever!

Hurry up change that record! Love this one from Afrika and…UB40!

A pillar upon which hip-hop rests on: HALL OF FAMERS (yup!) Grandmaster Flash & Furious Five:

I couldn’t find Hi Five or Black here’s one from Shalamar I remember seeing: OK…not the original video  but the song rocks:

Classic from Ms. Patti LaBelle that I saw a dozen times on the show:

Video Music Box would start its show this way..Never knew what happened to “Shelly” “Eastenders” is a long running soap.
Can you name the artists and videos????

And the song it comes from, from Whodini:
Another from Whodini..great classic:

Another that aired on VMB. How about this gem?? Andy Taylor: When The Rain Comes Down:

Expose also got their fair share of airtime on the show:

Another guilty pleasure from Sweet Sensation that aired a few times:

And this one….my goodness….  Sa-Fire:

Back to hiphop…Uncle Ralph introduces UTFO’s Ya Cold Wanna Be With Me:
Another huge favorite..haven’t seen this in eons. a total riot from Whistle:

Still reading? Good…more hiphop. Best white rappers outside of the Beasties. 3rd Bass! Hammer gets the gas face :

Another. Kick ‘em in the grill, Pete:

One half of 3rd Bass, MC Serch:

If you like the Native Tongues…..check out this one that aired mucho from A Tribe Called we go….back in the days on the boulevard of Linded…oy…stop me now:

And more about Video Music Box:

Now that you know the real story…here’s some of the cream from that crop of the hiphop:
Fat Boys….omg this totally blows my mind:
and a minor hit from them….wow :

Run-DMC….nothing more to say. It’s Tricky:
and  Rock Box! (VMB would cut the long intro to this):

Public Enemy…kick the ballistics:

VMB would also air some homemade PSAs (crack is wack)….and also WORD which would interview young people in NYC about important subjects of the day such as AIDS, drugs, youth awareness.

Another great song. that aired on VMB…this from The Jets….
The phone number led to their fan club  612 420 3226

George Clinton! “Bulletproof” contains contains another VMB mashup of a song that appeared elsewhere on same album, “Double Oh Oh”…the two songs make up this nuclear war fantasy. Very cool stuff for the 80’s. Don’t know yet if George copped the chip.

Kool Moe Dee..yes indeed. Love those dance steps in the beginning:

VMB would add some concert footage from his live shows. Couldn’t find that…..but here’s something.  Just adding this for good measure:


As for the rest of WNYC and some of that programming lore….Here’s some from would air at 6pm along with other variety shows and Italian movies on RAIUNO and WNYC:

I guess this was a plug for TV:

And this classic featuring Heather Parisi…..yow!

I like this one too with Anna Oxa:

And this Fantastico opening with Lorella Cuccarini…how do they do it??

Well that’s all I’ve got here.  Hope you’ve enjoyed this tour down through my memories.


PC/photo update

Bad news: Seems that, tho the tech person I hired to recover from my old PC did the job…the programs I wanted were not included. He said programs are not recoverable, only data. Great. 
I was told to search for appropo file extensions for my mail program for Outlook (I think for Office 2000 it’s .pst ?)  No sign of it so far.
So I am out thousands of emails, pics and mp3s going back years, starting from 3/11/08.
And I’m now without my website software, which I use to build my site with. No, it’s not compatible with my Windows Vista PC either.

So I’m looking into options re replacing contact info and also for ways to get my website edited. I’m really not in a good mood at all.

While not getting pissed I also discovered I could replace my website software for $100, for a Vista-compatible one. Folks, I just might do that. I don’t want  my old site left in the dust.

Other than that it was a decent day. I did just wake up from a nap as I tried to rid myself of the stress. Earlier today I decided to finish my freelance work for the Forgotten NY website. I’m doing a pictorial re the Brighton Line and also did a field trip at Bath Beach.  Forgotten NY is a very favorite website….where lost memories about signs and lamps and old buildings are rekindled. I thought I was the only person I knew that wondered ‘what happened to that bldg? Where does that old road lead to? What’s up with that side street? Etc.    I’m sending pics to the creator on Monday.  This is my first such undertaking..I’m psyched.   This on the heels of my first video.   Could be a new trend.

bracket busting continues

Looking decent with my 4 brackets:
Facebook/CBS: Picked 17 out of 32 in first round, 6 of 16 in 2nd rd. Total 23.  12 more possible correct picks.
ESPN: 17 of first 32, 8 in 2nd rd! Total 25, possible  13 more correct picks. 
Bodoglife: 14 of 32 (ugh), then 9 of 16 (much better).still can get 15 correct in remainder…very nice outlook.
Work bracket is best overall…with 18 picked in first rd, 8 in 2nd..can still get 13 more correct for overall best total of 39. But I’m still in the cellar in the work standings.