meanwhile, on the home front:

Shopped at Pathmark, $44.04, $10 off with the magic Pathmark savings card. Bought ‘cheese/basil’ sausuage. Should go well with the Barilla ‘sweet pepper’ pasta sauce…
On the way, I tried one of those ‘charged’ candy bars.  Dang. I actually felt alert not long after that, properly fueled for my twice-monthly shopping expedition.   Look’s a new habit.
I’m watching the RCB airplay vote grow and grow. Top votegetter already up to 11 votes in the first 16 hours.
I’m doing my own version of Lent; Giving up seeing my favorite artists for the duration of the vote.  Actually this is a necessary step for me, since I’m running the whole thing.  I don’t want to fuel one person’s vote total by going to their shows, etc. It’s too easy to be partial. So i’ll be professionaly impartial until 4/26. 

I’m on a better roll with Pokerstars, up to $8 in my real-money account. Still playing the $1 and .50 tourney tables.  My next date at Aqueduct likely to be 3/22.
Going to Kings Plaza to get new slacks and jeans. And Payless for shoes.  I am NOT a blue jeans kinda guy.  More like grey/black. 

Radio Crystal Blue 2/24/08 playlist and links
By Dan Herman
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Radio Crystal Blue 2/24/07 show

show-going for a solid Saturday

I wish every Saturday….ok..most Saturdays..could be like this.
I had a rather drama-free Saturday evening seeing 2 shows, one in the Village, one in the LES.  I had a decent long commute from the Q to the F trains (F was free of trackwork and detours because of the weather advisory…almost as good a super snow day).  First stop was Arlene’s Grocery, and to record and see Paul Canetti. I had seen Paul once before, playing a last-minute 12am show after a showcase my company (NYC Gigs) had booked.  I was moved enough to ask for a CD from him then. We’ve stayed in touch, and time has seen him release a new album ‘cycles’.  Paul is also right here on tumblr.   The show was awesome..just a power trio of himself, Dan Haller on bass, and Randy on drums.  Randy did solid drum fills, Dan had a good time with the bass, and Paul was pretty comfy on stage. Tho, as it turns out, it was more challenging than appeared.  Dan said the stage was relatively dark, and to prepare for such occurences, the band had done practice in complete darkness. So they had their night vision ready for the Saturday show.  There were a few wrong chords here and there, but otherwise a solid effort. Standout tracks include “The Birth Of Venus”….a good anthemic track that keeps the listener on toes, and the followup song also rocked with a memorable chord pattern in 6/8 time. I was picturing the sound of Bush as loose comparison.   I toasted them with a Jager afterward.
I’m currently working on the audio from this show. So far it’s sounding great.

Later I took the F 2 stops into the Village, heading to Kenny’s Castaways, that great bastion of live music. The place has gotten a nice redecorating since Maria, the owner, took over booking.  Andi Rae Healy peformed with her band that also includes songwriter Alex Sweeton on backing vox.  Her guitarist actually is a fiddle player, but played some sweet chords over Andi’s acoustic.  So many little highlights: Andi’s original tune “Cursed” got extra oomph with the addition of reverb.  “Had To Go” and “Rodeo” were strong favorites with the audience.  “Go Home Little Girl” was a new one about discouraging friends in a relationship. “Irreplaceable” is another new one, probably the happiest song in the Healy canon.  Her entire set was exuberant, strong and fun.  I don’t think she even broke a sweat.