happy returns

A lovely windswept day in Brooklyn as Jo and I celebrated my bday a day early. First stop was to old-school restaurant Ferdinando’s Foccaceria, where we both dined on arancina and vastedda.  For Jo, it was a return to childhood..a place she hadn’t been to in many years, let alone the area. She says she’s related to Francesco, the owner, as 2nd cousin.  We also saw the surrounding houses in Carroll Gardens, flanking the BQE.   The restaurant is lovely, lots of pics of the family, some paintings (one notable one of a rider on horseback getting ambushed and pierced in the neck from long range by a sword. Also a map of Sicily. Yes this is a Sicilian place, open since 1904.   Jo claimed she could make the same recipes from the menu. I believe her, who herself is full blood Italian.    Earlier in the day, Jo brought me a gift of Goya brand Salsita, the good green stuff.
Next was B&H and the pursuit of a new battery to replace the damaged one in my camera.  Then, a leisurely time at East West Books, and the upstairs cafe. Jo bought me the Aquarian Tarot deck, and I tried a reading.  I never reallly learned the Rider-Waite standard, and have to get used to reading cards that are upside-down. I was never a believer of the concept.    I sipped a chocolate soy latte, she some pomegranate juice.      Then, finally, to Union Hall, where we took in the music scene downstairs, and spent a few hours upstairs watching the bocce players. I wanted to play Jo in it, but her wrists were just not into it (she has early carpal tunnel).  I had meat chili and a Coney lager….she the Union Flatbread which has arugula and olive paste plus Parmesan cheese. yum.   As for the music, we saw The Octagon, some young guys doing some olf-kilter high energy rock. 




Radio Crystal Blue 1/27/08 show
By Dan Herman
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Radio Crystal Blue 1/27/08 show

about last night

(reposting to my Facebook area)

Saw Chrissy Coughlin (pronounced Cough, lin) at Sidewalk Cafe last night. I was actually very early, thinking that the show was at 7pm; it was 8pm.  Chrissy is a songwriter I had known for a while, but hadn’t seen her play in a few years, and it’s been about that long since airplay as well.  Out of the blue, 2 weeks ago, she mentions that she’s a new NYC resident and ready to conquer the city. She lives in the Chelsea section. So, I mentioned I’d attend..and there I was, way early.   I had a ‘peppermint patty’ (which I’m almost sure was hot chocolate with creme de menthe) and bided my time.  Chrissy performed on acoustic, and with band members on drums, electric bass and keys.  Some of the songs were kinda loungey, often lending one’s ear to the keyboard as the main instrument in the song.  A few songs were very good songwriting that showed off Chrissy’s middle range of vox. She told me later she wasn’t able to hear herself well on stage until the 2nd half of the show.
Later on, at the urging of a PR friend, I walked from the East Village into the Murray Hill section, across from Bellevue (the site of my great tooth incident), and visited an industry heavyweight, someone who brought in a few major major label bands years ago, He is still a strong voice and a brilliant mind, foreseeing how the music industry will fall…and also describing how to truly grow and manage a band. I wont’ even give you his name. I felt like I was a grasshopper sitting at a guru’s feet just absorbing all the knowledge. I was actually there to pick up a few CDs from this gentleman; they are CDs that will get aired soonish on my show.

And then, off to Rodeo Bar to see a crowded stage complete with Andy Friedman and the Other Failures. Haven’t seen Andy in many a moon, and I’m glad this was a good occasion. He was in fine form, doing his talking blues bit and being playful with the audience.  I came in toward the end of the first set, and also said howdy to him.   He gave his verbal permission to have me publish material I recorded of his months ago at Baggot Inn.  So, that will see the light of day very soon as well. 
Not much on the music scope outside of my radio show on Sunday. No feedback either re syndication, but I’m glad and feeling quite fortunate to have forged that link. 


@ Annex 1/21

Saw Denise Barbarita & The Morning Papers at The Annex tonight, a club/bar space, with lots of lovely lighting and lovelier people. OK, not a lot in attendance but still lovely.  Denise was all smirking and smiling all through, in her straightforward approach to ‘avante-rock’. She explained to me after that she wanted to get more of the unusual elements of her performances meshed in, instead of as a sideline. For example, she used more of the bowed guitar approach during songs, and also tossed in recording of MLKJR speeches (this being MLK day).   I was thoroughly impressed with the music, made all the more stronger by the addition of a great friend of hers, Kelsey Warren. Kelsey’s in the hard rock band Pillow Theory. They match very well chemistry-wise, as does Denise and hubby Rich Kulsar on drums.   Folks, if I ever take drum lessons again (I did briefly when I was 20), I would take them at the feet of Mr. Kulsar. Just dynamite and inventive. Jason Wallenstein on the other guitar, and another dude on bass I didn’t recall the name of..but had met at another of her gigs. 

Opening gig was Devlin Miles, more of the same songwriter based rock, with some keys.  Very good songs, include the ubiquitious Maroon 5 cover.  I chatted up after the show. Turns out I had rejected her Sonicbids EPK, but I really enjoyed the live show. She graciously gave me her CD…and she exclaimed ‘you’re famous!”  She meant it; she had heard of me and my show for years, including posts on some related music group sites, but we hadn’t met until that show.  

After Denise were the Fire Men, led by a young guy with a booming high-pitched voice…very catchy sound, rocking, as indie-rock goes. One song namechecks different nabes in Brooklyn, including yours truly’s Sheepshead. Rich and Jason reprise their roles here.  




the weirdest B train ride ever (NYC subway stuff)

A repost of my post at the Straphangers Campaign forum:

It happened tonight in the 7pm hour; I had boarded the B at Bway/Laf to get home at Sheepshead. The train mysteriously bypassed DeKalb….and stopped at Pacific St.
A weak announcement was given; apparently one could only catch the B at Atlantic Ave. Oh no, not again. All but about a dozen of us left our car to cross the big Atlantic Avenue station. Apparently the B was going over the D line. Fine, whatever..at least it’s going to Coney.
And then it chugs along….and stops….at 36th St. Another announcement that I can’t hear. Seems it’s now going over the N line. Yikes. Again, thankful it will get to Coney at the least.
It chugs along at moderate speed, no stopping at all, tho apparently it was going as an express to Kings Hwy. Okay..

And then it slows down at Kings Hwy…and picks up speed again!
It had made a few full stops between stations, but then it kept going past other stations…
Finally we slow down for Coney…….and…..take a wild guess what happens.

I was starting to panic, here in car #1454, the lead car being #1455. Catty-corner to me, a guy is reading a book “A First Course in Probability”. That just about sums it up, folks.

Finally some order is restored. The train crawls past W 8th St and the lights of Coney Island, and Ocean Pkwy, and finally makes a ‘regular’ stop at Brighton Beach. Then…..after a few get off…it starts up again…and voila! my home station.

I’m telling you, that was very weird. Most of the folks on the car were mainly as bewildered as I was.

Radio Crystal Blue 1/20/08 show
By Dan Herman
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Radio Crystal Blue 1/20/08 show

horse recap

Ugly. Horse-butt ugly.  I lost $86 today…cashing in under 30% of my tickets.  Good thing I didn’t lose all of the $150 I brought.  Enough longshot came in that shocked and awed the crowd at Aqueduct; negatively so at that.  I got skunked on 3 races, and continued my race 9 jinx of never cashing that race.

I did profit on 3 races, but I had started in the hole $20 and never really got out of it all day. I get the sense that I’m supposed to live with this loss and come back firing next and win this back and more.    And I will be back…next month! If the track is open, that is.