Colin McGrath @ Banjo Jim’s 12/22/07 

Bettina Schelker @ Baggot Inn 12/29/07 

subway challenge update/racing on TV

MTA updated their service advisories for the week. Nothing to get in the way of our planned endeavor. Still seeking 1-3 more folks to be part of the adventure.
I’m excited, knowing this will actually be done and documented, and I feel like it really will be the first of a good series of adventures. 
Tomorrow night I’m going to the Baggott to see Bettina Schelker…might even get a few camera shots in.  Yes, i’m being brave. I don’t know how the flash is going to react.

I’m checking out Yonkers Raceway for attendings and wagering.  I have this urge to want to go there every other month, while I have my other bimonthly gig at either Aqueduct or Belmont Park, whichever is open. Dad liked the horses in both forms, whether standardbred or thoroughbred. Back in the days of the late 70’s…..there existed “Racing From.. (fill in the track name) “ of the active local track. It was a decent ‘tape-delay’ program, where you’d see a short feature on a horse or notable figure in racing, and the running and post parade of the featured race, plus the race after (usually 8th and 9th).  The races were probably an hour old when the show came on but it was still fun to watch.  Charlsie Cantey, Frank Wright and then-track announcer Marshall Cassidy hosted the show.  Alongside that show, airing late on channel 9, was Racing From … (Yonkers or Roosevelt)….where the standardbreds would be showcased in 4 races from earlier that evening. Stan Bergstein and Spencer Ross (a TV/radio vet) cohosted.   Dad and I would often try to pick winners with these shows.   The latter show would often be accompanied by (yikes) disco music of the day.  For a slice of how the show aired, check out

As for Yonkers, I really need to doublecheck the travel there and also how to properly handicap those horses; different ballgame than thoroughbreds, but I’m sure I’ll pick up on that. Tentatively planning to go on one Saturday in February. My date at Aqueduct is 1/19.

subway challenge update; camera questions

And now that I’ve read the manual: Fujifilm Finepix Z is the camera I’m using. Their instructions say I need to be no further back than 11 feet for the flash to be perfect.  Great, I’m sure I’ve been as much as 20-30 for some of the pics I’ve taken.  What do I do then?
I called up Fuji to get the answers: Basically, there’s nothing they can do!
I have to get a different camera where I can change the aperture and shutter speed….or get a tripod.  A little point and shoot like mine won’t cut it… that explains that.     Sorry folks, not getting a 2nd camera. 
Funny thing is tho, Johanna just got a camera for xmas, and that may aid us in our challenge on 1/2

Speaking of the challenge, I’m checking with 2 other folks to see if we can get more participation..right now It’s just Jo and I.  I’ve made some contacts on the Straphanger’s Campaign Forums, and they all seem to be warming to my plans. Some have also did the full system runs before.  


FFL done

Earned my 2nd consecutive 3rd place finish..I had the lead all through the regular season…yet I lost by 4 points in the first playoff game….had to settle for a 3 point win in the final….narrowly defeating the best team on paper…by points. They had NE’s D and QB, and I had lost to them twice before. This time, I was able to get by thx to a good game by LT.  The eventual league winner was actually in 3rd through 5th place much of the year..and won when it counted.
Final results: