let’s go Tubing

Been thinkin’ ‘bout some country music for some reason. For some reason I checked out a June Carter clip….and what struck me was her expressions and sense of humor. 

Aw, now I got that song in my head.
Going back some years, this is a great clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8Efm-RxOC8&feature=related

 For some reason I pictured June’s face as somewhat in approximation to this gal….Lara Ewen, an alt country gal herself:
hold the thought about Lara for a moment.

Also saw this real neat clip of Cash and Roger Miller…another JC show clip:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZFDDUiM36c  I love the improv here!

Another oldie..this one from another great:

You know….there’s a country karaoke in Brooklyn someplace called Hank’s Saloon. One night I’ll have to sing this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUNhzkNzEO8

True statement: My granddad James Sidney Roton is buried in the same cemetry as one Hank Williams. Here’s Sr. himself…way back in the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhahiKyiNbg&feature=related

Did you know: Lou Reed wrote “Pale Blue Eyes” about Hank Sr.? Here’s Lou with a great live version:

To sum this up: One of the greatest albums ever, Lou Reed’s “New York” album contain 2 songs that Lara Ewen seems to point to lyrically. One is “Busload Of Faith”..good cover by this Italian band:

And another of Lara’s songs has some passing reference to this other one of Lou’s…”Beginning Of A Great Adventure”


As for Lara: Here’s Busload Of Faith…her own song, and Misery Wholesale..the jazz-like melodies…..hear them on the payplay player on the page    http://www.myspace.com/laraewen   

recap of Wednesday

Just back from a great, rockin’ show at Ace of Clubs…..saw Black Market Radio, Debra DeSalvo, Elizabeth Diaz, and Wiser Time. BMR features frontman Peter Cornell, brother of Chris (Audioslave, Soundgarden).  I’m working on the recording of the Wiser Time show.  Apparently the sound guy had the levels very high, too high for my recorder….so I think its a lost cause to salvage any of it. The entire bill was put together by Carmen of Wiser Time…a great job on his part.  And an incredible effort by BMR…just outstanding peformance skills. Might have been the best I’ve seen all year. 
The recording of Wiser Time was just impossible..too much of everything,especially on bass. I couldnt’ get the distortion out.  Ugh.

I’m on a nice little streak in PokerStars, now cashing daily in at least 1 tourney with a $1 buy-in. I’m graduating from the .50 and .25 ones. I finished the tourney at 60th place…..not bad. My account is now up to $12. When I get to $25 I will start to play $2 tourneys.


subway challenge: I’m talking with 2 folks who may join Jo and myself in part of the challenge..one masterminded the world record run

Radio Crystal Blue 11/25/07 show
By Dan Herman
Genre: Freeform internet radio
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Radio Crystal Blue is a live internet radio show, heard each week on Live365. You can listen to this show after-the-fact with one of these options:

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Radio Crystal Blue 11/25/07 show

no leftovers

Opted for some awesome sausage and pasta….from this brand called Premio…contains onions and mushrooms…yum. 

Staying this weekend, not going to do much besides radio work and bookings.

FFL: Did well and am the points leader from Thursday’s action. Of course the week ends on Monday not Thursday, and I have a feeling the competition is pretty good, as I start questionable Matt Hasselbeck and DJ Hackett for Seattle.
Poker: Playing a very important tourney at 3pm on PokerStars..where the winners of the tourney get to go to the Bahamas, have dinner with a major poker star (Dan Negreanu) and play a final table with him.  Like that’s going to happen.  2750 in this tourney…If I get into the final 100 I might really be lucky..but it wouldnt’ be the first time.

Horsies: Planning a January date, likely 1/19 to return to Aqueduct.

FFL and gaming update

Doing OK now on PokerStars, where I have been playing .50 and $1 tourneys, sometimes cashing in. Long as I make a profit between the tourneys, I’m feeling OK about playing.   I have a small bankroll…around $9 and really want to see it grow. I have a similar one on Bodog, but there are real sharks on that site!   www.pokerstars.com   www.newbodog.com
As for FFL, my Blue Stars are still in 1st place in the fantasy football league with 3 weeks left….up by 2 games ..the point leader has Tom Brady and the NE defense…so that’s tough to beat most weeks. I figure I’ll have an easy week coming up..as my next opponent in the head-to-head hasn’t quite plugged in all his choices. I think it’s a noon deadline for Thursday to lock in the week.  But still having some tenous WR problems re injuries to DJ Hackett and Patrick Crayton.  I’m exploiting the matchup of the Jets’ poor run defense by using Marion Barber in the starting lineup and benching LenDale White.  I’m pretty confident about another win here.  http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/18910


traipsing arond NYC….

…..before I headed to Union Hall to see some bands, I stopped at these places:
Grand Central Station row of retailers, plus the food court underneath. I had to marvel at seeing gelato crepes up close. 

East West Books, a favorite place to shop for the holiday, or anytime I absolutely needed a respite from the big bad city. Been shopping and browsing here since 1989. I purchased the new 2008 Moon Sign Book.  And with the new remodeling of the place, they have a cafe and new dedicated space for yoga and other types of classes.