in the shopping bag

at one of the local marts with some goodies. Being that I’m a bit under the weather I went with different items than usual.   I couldn’t resist my  hankering for some salsa tho. I love salsa, the hotter the better!  I’m just graduating from Tabasco and related stuff. Wild Oats has a good brand, and sometimes the ‘store brand’  is enough for me.   Today I splurged on this one, with a good pungent aroma and diverse flavor. Veggie to boot.  Just awesome.
Nice to be able to save $10 on a $45 bill as well!

subway challenge

You read it on Facebook (you did, yes?) now get the tumblr version!
1:want to make a ‘series’ of….a series of events that will involve a few close friends (and you, dear reader) that do unusual subway rides. I’ve mentioned the idea of riding every single line, more or less an alphanumeric run based on the letter/number of the line. I’ve got the route down, it just needs to be publicized and documented…and would love to have a few folks along for the ride as well as help with these duties. Other challenges will likely include riding other metro area subways/trains, and maybe the classic ‘class C’ run of riding to hit every available station in the MTA. There’s more to the story of course. A good story too, as I want this series to gain some online/offline press.   Want in? Let me know.

sheepshead bay connections, or Let’s Go Tubing

Tubing….not web surfing. 

I grew up in this once sleepy fishing village area, and moved away, then moved back.   Found some great video footage of the area including this TV commercial. Good memories. The old restaurant is all that’s left:

 Nothing original except my stories, but the videos are very nice.

 These are shots someone took of Brighton Beach area as well as the local park near my place, adjacent to Sea Isle apt complex and good ‘ol P.S. 52. I graduated from PS 194, but another story there.    Don’t you just adore watching the pigeons noshing and the late afternoon beach scenes? sooo nice

‘ow ya like ya fluke ey? Move along, nothing to see.

One of the 10 BEST youtube videos of them all. And mentions Roll N’Roaster, which is nearly in shouting distance of me. Yeah, I’m that close to there. Remember, he’s NOT a cab driver.